Where to find outstanding 2016 election coverage

2016 elections graphic
Where are we getting our election news in 2016? With thousands of media outlets covering the election, CREDO thought we would share with you some of our favorite places to get news about the election. These aren’t mainstream media sites, but ones that will give you in-depth progressive analysis.

DailyKos Elections
The biggest progressive blog in the country also provides some of the best election coverage. Not only covering the presidential election, but also critical Senate and even local races, the DailyKos Elections team brings you information you won’t get anywhere else.

With a morning digest and a live news feed throughout the day, you can keep up to date with all the latest election news, polling and inside scoops from around the country.

Mother Jones – The Trump Files
In 2012 Mother Jones uncovered Mitt Romney’s 47 percent video. Now, in 2016, their election team is back with coverage that would make any opposition researcher jealous. The magazine’s Trump Files project digs deep into the GOP nominee’s background, providing you with the resources and facts that will help you win the water cooler.

So far the magazine has produced 40 installments of this feature, including “When Donald Destroyed Historic Art to Build Trump Tower,” “How Donald Tricked New York Into Giving Him His First Huge Deal,” and “Donald Tried to Shut Down a Bike Race Named ‘Rump.’

No longer a mystery, Mark Blumenthal has been an expert in polling for decades. He’s the founder of Pollster.com, he worked at the Huffington Post, and now he is head of election polling for Survey Monkey. His Twitter feed is a cornucopia of information breaking down publicly available polling and giving you the straight facts on the state of the election. He is an indispensable resource in a world of misinformation.