WATCH: Dangerous Donald can’t be trusted with nuclear codes

Last week, Donald Trump encouraged an adversarial foreign power — Russia — to cyberspy on a secretary of state’s emails: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” he said referring to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

But even before that, Trump’s temperament and tendency to lash out at critics have raised serious questions about his fitness to have access to the nation’s nuclear codes. In a new video launched today, CREDO uses the words of Sen. Bernie Sanders, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Sec. Hillary Clinton to make the case that Donald Trump can not be trusted with access to nuclear weapons or classified national security briefings.

WATCH “Dangerous Donald” now:

Trump’s encouragement of a dangerous dictator like Vladimir Putin to commit espionage and publicize state secrets poses serious national security concerns, and may violate federal law. This unprecedented action is even more horrifying given that Trump is scheduled to start receiving classified national security briefings any day now. Trump has been trying to walk back his dangerous rhetoric. But we can not risk putting sensitive information in the hands of someone with Trump’s dangerously unpredictable temperament.

If you haven’t yet, join 170,000 people and sign the petition to Tell Director of National Intelligence James Clapper: No national security briefings for Donald Trump.

It’s up to us to raise a massive outcry now.