#StoptheTPP video: Pelosi must join Clinton, Sanders, Warren and Reid

Momentum is building in the fight to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). In the past two days alone, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Chuck Schumer have indicated that they do not expect the TPP to pass this year.

And on Tuesday, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton made her most direct statement yet in opposition to the TPP, telling an audience in New Hampshire that “we’re going to say no to attacks on working families and no to bad trade deals and unfair trade practices, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

Many of the most prominent leaders of the Democratic Party – including Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Harry Reid and Elizabeth Warren – are now firmly on the record in opposition to the TPP, but it is still unclear where House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi stands.

Watch and share CREDO’s new video highlighting strong Democratic opposition to the TPP and urging Nancy Pelosi to publicly oppose a lame duck vote. Click here to watch and share the video.

Despite the strong opposition to the TPP, the Obama administration is still hoping to jam it through Congress in the lame duck session after the election. We can’t allow that to happen.

Nancy Pelosi’s public opposition to a lame duck vote would add even more momentum to our fight to stop the TPP and send a strong message to the Obama administration that anti-worker, anti-environment trade deals like the TPP that put corporations ahead of the American people are a non-starter among Democrats.

In recent weeks, more than 60,000 CREDO members have signed a petition urging Nancy Pelosi to publicly announce her opposition to a lame duck vote on the TPP. Thousands of CREDO members have called her office with the same demand.

You can help put even more pressure on Leader Pelosi to speak out publicly against a lame duck on the TPP by watching and share our new video now. Click here to watch and share the video.

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