Get Wi-Fi in your pocket with mobile hotspot

Tips on how to use Mobile hotspot

With mobile hotspot, your smartphone can serve as a mini Wi-Fi hub so you can connect laptops, tablets or other phones to the Internet while you’re on the go. When you turn on your mobile hotspot, your device uses your 3G or 4G/LTE data connection to create instant Internet access.

With summer travel plans on the horizon, now is a fantastic time to learn how to turn your CREDO smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Here’s everything you need to know about mobile hotspot:

What are the advantages of mobile hotspot?
Mobile hotspot is an easy way to turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot anytime you want to access the Internet, as long as you’re in a location where you can access cellular data. This smartphone feature is particularly handy if you travel a lot for business and need quick access to Internet connectivity. It’s also a good option if you’re concerned about the security of public Wi-Fi. Open, unprotected Wi-Fi networks in places like airports or cafes are prone to malicious security attacks that can compromise your personal information. Mobile hotspots are a safer alternative to public Wi-Fi.

Does hotspot come with my CREDO Mobile plan?
If you’re on a Shared Data plan, mobile hotspot is automatically included as part of your smartphone plan. If you’re are on older CREDO Mobile plan that hasn’t changed since August 26, 2014, you might have a mobile hotspot plan–just check Member Services to find out which services are enabled on your smartphone.

How to do I turn on mobile hotspot?

It only takes a few steps to get your mobile hotspot up and running on your smartphone.
How to enable hotspot on iOS smartphones:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Cellular
  • Choose Set Up Personal Hotspot
  • Slide your personal hotspot to On
  • Select Wi-Fi and USB Only

For Android devices, turning on hotspot varies from one device to the next. Generally you can find it settings under Settings > Connections or Wireless & Networks. Find instructions for your Android smartphone in our support section.

How much does hotspot cost?
If you’re on a Shared Data plan, mobile hotspot usage counts toward your monthly data usage, just as regular Internet browsing or using apps does. It’s a good idea to turn off mobile hotspot when it’s not in use, since data plans are subject to overage charges. If you’re on an older CREDO Mobile plan and have signed up for hotspot, it will be billed separately from your regular data charges at $20 per 2GB. Mobile hotspot usage over 2GB is billed at $10/GB.

Can I make or receive calls and text while using mobile hotspot?
Yes, you will continue to receive calls and texts while using a personal hotspot. You may occasionally experience hotspot connectivity interruptions during phone calls, depending on the quality of your data connection.

Are there any downsides to using mobile hotspot?
You can suck up a lot of data if you use mobile hotspot frequently. Make sure to monitor your data usage and adjust your monthly data plan anytime to avoid overage charges. Mobile hotspot can also be a drain on your smartphone’s battery. If possible, charge your phone while using hotspot to avoid running out of juice.

Mobile hotspot is a handy smartphone feature that will allow you to access the Internet even when traditional Wi-Fi networks are unavailable. Find out for yourself why this smartphone feature is an incredibly useful feature next time you’re on the go and need to get online.