Fighting for a fair Supreme Court confirmation hearing

Every month, CREDO donates almost $200,000 to three amazing progressive nonprofits. We choose the three groups, then members and activists vote to decide how we divide up the money.


This month, your vote is especially important. President Obama has nominated Merrick Garland to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court and Senate Republicans are refusing to do their jobs and hold hearings to consider Garland. For progressives who care about money in politics, gun safety, reproductive rights, the environment—almost any issue of consequence—it is critical that we win this fight.

That’s why this month we’re donating nearly $200,000 to the Alliance for Justice, American Constitution Society and People For the America Way Foundation—groups that are leading the charge to overcome Republican obstruction of Garland and are waging a long-term battle to make our federal judiciary more progressive. These groups are working at the grassroots level, in the media and in the halls of Congress and it’s critical that we support them.

Alliance for Justice
Alliance for Justice works to ensure all Americans have the right to secure justice in the courts and to have their voices heard when government makes decisions that affect their lives.

American Constitution Society
The American Constitution Society advances constitutional rights and liberties, equality and access to justice by training and activating law students and lawyers nationwide. 2016 priorities include voting rights and judicial nominations.

People For the America Way Foundation
People For the American Way Foundation is dedicated to ensuring the right to equal treatment under the law, freedom and opportunity to pursue dreams and civic participation for all Americans.

Your vote determines how we’ll distribute funding to these groups. Show your support for one, two or all three by voting before April 30.