Galaxy Tab E review : Meet CREDO’s newest tablet

Tablets are a great way to get the best use of your CREDO shared data plan, so meet our newest tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E from CREDO Mobile

This tablet sports an instantly recognizable 16:9 aspect ratio, which means the 1280×800 screen is perfect for watching wide-screen video. And you’ll be streaming that video over the built in WiFi or LTE radios, so download speeds shouldn’t be an issue.

It’s loaded with Android Lollipop running on a 1.2GHz Samsung Quad-core processor which has no trouble at all driving the moderate screen resolution. The user interface is snappy and apps run fairly fast – but it can bog down a little bit if you’re running demanding games. Keep in mind this device ships with 16GB of storage, so if you are going to be loading a lot of content you’ll want to make use of the SD Card slot to expand that capacity.

Battery life on the E is quite good, particularly in combination with the power saving features of Android. All in all this is great little multi-function tablet that is a perfect companion for your CREDO phone.

Look out for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, coming to CREDO late February.