3 must-read mobile stories you may have missed in 2015

I can’t believe 2015 has come to an end. Last year I read lots of articles about mobile devices, and here are few worth saving:

1) Are you coming across as insincere in your texts?
A study conducted at Binghamton University found that using a period at the end of your one-word replies is read as being “insincere” by the recipients. So, the next time you’re tempted to simply type “OK” in your text message—think twice. Read More.

2) Where is it OK to use your mobile phone?
Another fascinating study of mobile phone use investigated the timeless question “where is it OK to use my phone.” You’ll want to add this one to your bookmarks. Most everyone agreed it’s OK to use your phone while walking down the street, but not OK to use it at church. However, there’s still a divide as to whether it’s OK to text at the dinner table: 62% of folks say No, while 38% say Yes. Read the article.

3) Have you ever dropped your phone in water?
Usually this calls for a short period of mourning and then a call to customer service to take advantage of that mobile insurance coverage you bought with your phone (hint, hint). However, when one lady dropped her phone into the Atlantic Ocean, a friendly dolphin happened to be on hand to bring it right back to her. Read the article.