Three ways to stand with Planned Parenthood on #PinkOut Day (even from your desk!)

CREDO employees stand with Planned Parenthood
Our friends at Planned Parenthood are organizing a National #PinkOut Day today, September 29, to demonstrate just how many people across the country are willing to stand up and fight for Planned Parenthood. Will you show your support for Planned Parenthood and reproductive freedom?

Here are three quick and easy ways you can participate in #PinkOut Day today, even if it’s from your desk:

1. Sign or share our petition urging Senate Democrats to be all in for women (thank you if you already have!). Our petition asks Democratic leadership to stand strong against any Republican attacks on women – no deals, no compromises and no cuts to Planned Parenthood funding. The more signers we have, the more powerful our message.

2. #PinkOut your social media profile to show your support.

3. Amplify Planned Parenthood’s messages by sharing them on Facebook or Twitter.

From all of us at CREDO, thank you for standing up for women’s health. We’re proud to be Planned Parenthood’s largest corporate donor.