Iran nuclear deal: CREDO praises historic milestone for peace over war

CREDO Action released the statement below in response to Senator Mikulski becoming the 34th Senator to announce her support for the Iran nuclear deal, ensuring that the deal will not be blocked by Congress:

“This is a huge deal. President Obama confronted a similar challenge over Iran to the one that George W. Bush faced over Iraq – but won peace through diplomacy rather than dragging us into another disastrous war of choice in the Middle East,” said CREDO Action Political Director Becky Bond. “A Democratic Party that wrongly voted in support of the invasion of Iraq over a decade ago, despite massive protests, this time listened to the grassroots who wrote, called, and rallied in huge numbers and stood with their president to stop a war with Iran.”

Bond continued, “Now that it’s virtually certain the Iran nuclear deal won’t be sabotaged by Congress, the President, the Democratic Party and the grassroots need to confront party stalwarts like Sen. Chuck Schumer who were wrong on Iraq and then tried to lead the nation once again into war with Iran.”

“Those who would push the United States into yet another disastrous war in the Middle East won’t give up easily. Those who want peace must remain vigilant in the weeks to come to ensure that the United States chooses the path of diplomacy,” Bond added.