Huffington Post: “How Becky Bond Is Using A Mobile Company To Empower Progressive Activists”

We’re proud to have CREDO’s vice president and political director Becky Bond as chief organizer of our progressive activism and CREDO Action’s over 3.6 million members.

Becky was recently featured in a Huffington Post article as part of HuffPo’s Next 10 series on the people and issues that will shape the world in the next decade. Highlighting CREDO’s activism fighting for equality, economic justice and environmental sustainability, the article details how all of these campaigns for change are launched from inside a progressive mobile phone company:

What’s also striking about Bond’s message is that it was delivered from the headquarters of a private, for-profit mobile phone company with more than 100,000 customers, housed just steps from the San Francisco waterfront. One might not usually associate corporate interests with progressive causes, but that gets to the core of the company’s unique DNA.

“CREDO’s a social change organization, which is very different than saying that we’re a mobile company. We’re a social change organization, first and foremost, that runs a very good mobile service in order to fund our activism and our philanthropy,” co-founder Michael Kieschnick told The Huffington Post.

Check out the article for great information on the issues we fight for, and learn more about Becky via the full Huffington Post article.