CREDO members power nearly $2.4 million in progressive donations

CREDO members helped raise nearly $2.4 million for progressive activism and infrastructure in 2014. This funding could not be more crucial or timely, as Republicans and right-wing politicians—many of them funded by AT&T and Verizon—have seized control in both houses of Congress.

Now more than ever, progressive groups need support to fight back against the GOP’s dangerous, unjust and unconstitutional agenda. And in the past year our members have delivered big-time. Here’s what we accomplished together in 2014.

Our shared commitment to Planned Parenthood: over $3 million donated.

We started and ended the year with campaigns to fund Planned Parenthood. Women’s health clinics are under attack and Planned Parenthood is there for us, day in and day out, not only fighting for women’s rights but providing direct healthcare to women in communities nationwide. That’s why we gave over $190,000 to Planned Parenthood Federation of America this year and wrote a check to every Planned Parenthood affiliate in the U.S.

When our December donations are delivered, in January, CREDO will celebrate over $3 million in donations to Planned Parenthood since our founding. We’re Planned Parenthood’s biggest corporate contributor and a staunch ally in the fight for women’s rights.

And our support for women’s rights doesn’t stop with Planned Parenthood. In the lead-up to the Supreme Court’s decision on the Hobby Lobby case that limited women’s access to birth control, CREDO members generated $67,255 in donations to NARAL Pro-Choice America and also this year supported the Ms. Foundation for Women ($64,557) and the online rapid-response women’s rights group UltraViolet ($73,035).

This year and every year, CREDO will be in the vanguard to defend the rights of women. Continue reading our 2014 Donations Report.