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For Women’s Rights: Stop Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

Since he entered the White House, Donald Trump has waged war on women’s rights. But his latest attack could do the most damage yet: his nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh is an extreme conservative who, if confirmed, would take away women’s rights for generations to come.

This is why we must stop his confirmation.

Throughout his career, Kavanaugh has ruled against the right of women to decide what’s best for their bodies, their health, and their lives. He would almost certainly provide the fifth vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

But Kavanaugh’s anti-woman opinions don’t stop there. He has ruled to limit not only women’s access to abortion but to birth control as well. In 2015, he sided with employers who wanted to use religious objections to skirt the Affordable Care Act’s historic expansion of coverage for contraception.

The battle over Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a battle for our country’s future. And every American who believes, correctly, that the U.S. Constitution protects women’s – and every person’s –  freedom to make their own decisions about their bodies should join the fight against Brett Kavanaugh.

Please help us block Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Sign our petition urging the Senate to reject Kavanaugh and visit our #SaveSCOTUS campaign page to find more ways you can take action to #StopKavanaugh.


193 Comments on “For Women’s Rights: Stop Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

  1. Women are equal to men and should be treated as such with the same rights. Nobody should have to go back to the old days. Woman are half of the human race. They own themselves and their bodies and have the right to make their own decisions about their health, what they can and cannot do, where they are allowed to go, what positions they can hold in government, etc.

  2. Judge Kavanaugh does not have the support of the country regardless of party affiliation. There are far more highly regarded potential candidates. The partisan group of senators haven’t the right to force this through for their personal agenda.

  3. Great that Credo is laying out all the ways in which Kavaugh is a disaster, but a petition is not an effective way to make an impact on Senators.

  4. Kavanaugh has no business on our Supreme Court, he’s nothing but a Republican hack. His only real qualification for the job is his current belief and statements that no matter what crime the president commits he should not be prosecuted because that would be too much of a distraction from his golf game. So Kavanaugh really either does not understand the check and balance system our Constitution ensures or does not care because Russia has given us a criminal stooge for president. Kavanaugh is unfit for any court in the U.S.

  5. There are far better Supreme court nominees that Kavanaugh.
    Nominees that respect the long-fought-for right of woman.
    I hope that we can find our way to one of them.



  7. It is sad seeing how America regressing really fast. Not providing birth control to young women and banning abortion is barbaric. Especially considering the growth rate of population and dangers problems comes with it including speeding climate change. To me Kavanaugh belongs to dark medieval ages not to 21st century America

  8. I do not trust Brett Kavanaugh I do not believe he will be fair or impartial judge and will only support Trump and the republicans agenda. He must be stopped!

  9. Brett Kavanaigh must not be approved for a position on the Supreme Court. He is too radical!!

  10. CRIMINALS (or unindicted co-conspirators) DO NOT get to decide our judiciary!!!

    Our nation keeps going backwards under Trump and Kavanaugh is another step in that direction.

    No Trump appointee and NO KAVANAUGH!

  11. Donald Trump is America’s worst President.
    He is a racist and a sexist.
    He cares nothing about women’s riights to abortion.
    Roe v. Wade.
    He cares nothing about our environment.
    Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when we need him?

  12. Anyone who votes the confirmation of Kavanaugh is an enemy of the women of this country! This pick poses a threat to workers,immigrants,women , the LGBT community,our environment and our democratic rights. And Kavanaugh argued a sitting president shouldn’t be burden with civil suits,criminal investigation or criminal prosecution so we know the main reason Trump nominated him to clear the way for him to get rid of Mueller ,the Russian investigation and any iinvestigation into his affairs. Funny how Kavanaugh believed in prosecuting Clinton when he was president. Plus all the facts on his past are not being made available to the senate. Stop this nomination!

  13. I am against having the Supreme Court gearing at this time. IT SHOULD BE AFTER the Senate and House elections. I ageee with the position that this candidate will not be for women and will cause harm.

  14. I urge members of the Senate to reject Kavanaugh for SCOTUS, his view is too extreme to the conservative right for fair judgements.

  15. Without knowing Kavanaugh’s complete record before his confirmation is absurd, a railroad job of justice.

  16. An unindicted co-conspirator should not be allowed to make ANY appointments, at all.

  17. More than an extreme conservative, he is a partisan hack who does not believe that the current president is not above the law. His nomination should be postponed until after the Mueller investigation is completed.

  18. Kavanaugh must not be allowed to sit on the Supreme Court w/ his overwhelming
    Disgusted views of women . His overwhelming disregard of women & their
    Rights would be disregarded by this
    Supreme Court nominee . His views are as extreme as those of Trump & maybe more so.


  20. Using the law to repress women is unconstitutional. Women have their rights too. It’s unfortunate that a lot of men don’t see it that way because they prefer to control women.

  21. Please reconsider waiting on a better candidate who better represents the views of all Americans, as well as one not chosen by a president under constant investigation for crimes against his country!

  22. The Supreme Court should not be biased in its decisions. It should be the court that values the law and the rights of the people.

  23. We don’t need anyone else to help revoke our rights and send women back to the 1950s.

  24. The Senate needs access to all documents pertaining to the nominee. It is my understanding the WH is withholding some of them. This lack of transparency is not in the best interest of the country.

  25. A nomination by the subject of a federal investigation MUST NOT be considered!

  26. Kavanaugh should NOT be confirmed. I have read a biography about him and I have read about his leanings and values. They are biased and in many ways into- women; into labor; into American. Stand up and do NOT confirm this man.

    I would also add, no confirmation of anyone until after the midterm elections. The GOP, via McConnell, set this idea in motion. So, LET IT BE!!!

  27. Women in the United States are opposed to any Supreme Court nominees who would restrict their reproductive rights.
    Women would like a female Supreme Court nominee who
    would protect all of women’s rights.
    NO Supreme Court nominee who would protect or absolve
    Donald Trump.

  28. I believe in a balanced and fair Supreme Court. Extremes in our system is dangerous and stands in the way of progress and societal evolution.

  29. Reject appointment of Kavanaugh! Women, our daughters and granddaughters lives will be effected adversely if he joins the Supreme Court!

  30. kavanaugh is a step backwards for womens rights and the environment. we must preserve a womans right to choose. free healthcare should be a fundimental right and not a privelege

  31. you have said what has been set in law by the supreme court must stay in place. you cannot “rollback” those supreme court decisions. I can see a reconsideration of laws 50+ years ago, and bring them up to the speed of the day, but you must let stand those recent actions.

  32. His paper trail from the White House to the DC Court of Appeals on this and other human and civil rights issues is damning. “Let the voters speak” at mid-term elections, as Senator McConnell said while refusing to hold a hearing for President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee until after the Presidential election of 2016. What goes around with partisan injustice comes around.

  33. If Kavanaugh is elected, more women will die at the hands of aggressive men. More women will be forced to continue a pregnancy of a dead fetus.
    More young girls and very poor women will be forced to give birth.
    Women will not be able to get contraceptives.
    More women will be forced to give birth after being raped.
    Equality of women in every work place, in pay, in deference will suffer.
    More women will be sexually accosted by male employers.
    Women will suffer in divorce cases as men are deferred to by judges and juries.
    Women might even be unable to get credit cards without husbands to vouch for them (as used to be the case in the 1970s)
    Women who are at risk of death in childbirth will be forced to continue a pregnancy.
    Women will be secondary to every male.

    Also, every working man and woman will have to buckle under even worse to corporate power.

    Trump will continue with his fascism and totally ruin this country.

  34. This guy doesn’t even look like he cares about the rights of women.

  35. We must not allow Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the US Supreme Court. His out-dated views about women and female reproductive rights is appalling. We need someone who supports women by allowing abortion and also encouraging birth control. Women deserve better!

  36. There should be NO Supreme Court nominations/hearings while the president is an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal case!!

  37. This president has been named as a co-defendant in a criminal investigation, as such any nominee he puts forward should not be confirmed. Judge Kavanaugh believes that a sitting president cannot be held accountable for any illegal actions! Please do not vote for his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

  38. The Supreme Court needs someone that is qualified to serve all Americans. Don’t pollute the Supreme Court with a bigot, there is no room for hate. Hate does not represent America!!!!

  39. It is a woman’s fundamental human right to choose when and if she will become a parent. Controlling her body’s ability to have children, allows women to:
    * Go to school so they can get a better job to financially support a family and nation.
    * To work when and where she chooses.

    This is not one issue, reproductive decisions affect a women’s entire life. How she will live her life. Denying women the right to choose, denies women equality.

  40. here’s an idea….Don’t like abortion?? then DONT HAVE ONE!!!!!! I am sick of these obnoxious meddlesome jesus freaking idiots that think they can tell everyone else how to live. we are loosing our freedoms every day and it is these idiots who think that it is they who are being attacked. republicans are cowards. they are the problem, not the solution .

  41. The American people deserve to see all of his records while in office. He should not be confirmed until all information is available

  42. After having RBG on the court, I indeed do not want to go backwards.

  43. Kavanaugh is a threat to our democracy and must not be confirmed to the Supreme court or any other office.

  44. The GOP blocked Garland for a year. Kavanaugh will continue Citizens United. CU needs to be overturned

  45. There are SOO many reasons to not allow this man to take a SC seat. His history in matters of women’s rights may top the list. Women, not the courts, should choose their birth control methods. Further, abortion should be left to a woman and her doctor. We finally moved beyond the days when men got to decide all such matters; let us NOT go backward.

  46. An illegitimate president must not leave his imprint on our Supreme Court.

  47. Kavanaugh is a partisan hack and does not deserve to be on the Supreme Court. He and Ken Starr investigated Clinton ad nauseum. Now he has stated that a president can’t be investigated, which in essence he believes a president is above the law. He also lied during 2006 confirmation hearings. Bad enough the president is a pathological liar, we don’t need a liar on the Supreme Court. Unacceptable in all ways.

  48. The Trump Administration is taking this country in a disastrous direction, and Kavanaugh is one more example of how extremism is affecting our precious democracy.

  49. Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation as Supreme Court Justice would undo all the progress our country has made in the last 50 years. He would hurt minorities, women, LGBT individuals, and immigrants. He should NOT be confirmed.


  51. We need a person on the Supreme Court who will stand up for everyone including women.

  52. We women have certainly been pushed further back into the nightmare of fewer and fewer women’s right’s since the Trump administration took over. This is NOT good for women OR men – Balance, Equality, Justice & Fairness for ALL should be the motto for the United States. Very important that we keep our long-term Supreme Court seats level across the aisle which is the only way to have fair and equal votes; hence, Brett Kavanaugh would be a very poor choice to fill the empty seat of Anthony Kennedy.
    Thank you for your hearing and considering my position on this important matter.

  53. Women’s rights are a cornerstone of civil and human rights. If what little gender equality we have is eroded, the quality of life for all our daughters and granddaughters will be abysmal.

  54. Not only is Kavanaugh a disaster re: women but he’s also disastrous for workers—remember Lilly Ledbetter & his disgraceful record, the environment and every advancement made in the past century. He’s strictly pro-corporations, thinks Nixon was unfairly judged and despite his slick talk wold devote all his time and energies in overturning previous Supreme court decisions.

  55. We will not go backwards. And if all the documents of past Supreme Court nominees, by President Obama, were all surrendered to the Senate Judiciary Committee then it stands that this nominee & his sponsor must do no less.

  56. Kavanaugh’s confirmation would be a disaster not only for women’s rights (remember his position on the Llly Ledbetter case), workers rights, the environment, our natural resources and every positive bill passed in the past century. This is life time appointment by a man whose first loyalty is to big business and he’d devote all his time and energies to overthrowing all previous Supreme court decisions. He’s already said that Richard Nixon was unfairly convicted, has reservations about a sitting president for being tried, a man whose legal standing is now being investigated. At first I just wanted him to be vetted but since reading more I want him defeated

  57. Brett Kavanaugh must NOT be confirmed! He has a history of ruling against the rights of women. If confirmed, he would harm women’s rights even more. NO to Kavanaugh!

  58. Kavanaugh is against women, women’s right, the environment and other important issues concerning all Americans. He would not judge fairly, but religiously, and we must keep church and state separate. He would vote to allow a president to do whatever and not be held accountable for those actions.

  59. none of trumps appointees are legal, this was a illegal election. trump like mark zuckerberg are traitors.

  60. This man lied to the Senate about torture in order to get his present job. (anywhere else in the nation this is grounds for instant dismissal) His known record is vile enough to make him unfit to adjudicate Parking Tickets let alone be on the Supreme Court.

    And coming from this Administration (or what’s left of it)..ANY nomination should be eyed with a great deal of suspicion. In this case especially, his nomination seems entirely self serving coming from a President who may need all the legal help he can get to stay out of Jail..let alone keep his presidency. This guy needs to be blocked entirely and NO NEW nominations until after the Mid Terms at least. If you love America and you love’ll stop this nonsense dead in it’s tracks!

  61. I’m a 69 year old wheelchair-using paraplegic, disabled for the last 43 years with chronic intractable 24/7 pain. I’m very poor financially, but will do and donate what small amounts I can to help defeat the travesty of Kavanaugh’s nomination!! For everyone now and especially the future generations in this country he must not be a Supreme Court judge!!

  62. This is not conservatism- this is an ideologue, and not fit for a lifetime appointment to a body that is designed to rule fairly and objectively.

  63. Please stop this nomination by an illegitimate president until after the November elections.

  64. It’s a big heck no for Kavanaugh to be appointed with his ultra conservative right wing Christian ideas and pasted rulings and statements against the rights of women and every citizen of this country.

  65. Throughout his career, Kavanaugh has ruled against the right of women to decide what’s best for their bodies, their health, and their lives. He would almost certainly provide the fifth vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

  66. Kavanaugh is:
    anti women
    anti environment
    anti democracy
    I am anti Kavanaugh

  67. Kavanaugh is an extremist who has no business legislating from the bench of any court in the United States. His opinions are extremely anti-woman and reflect an utter lack of decency.

  68. This person is such a anti – American, it’s pathetic. I still can’t see why the American public could vote in favor of him and Trump. I pray that both of them will fade away real quickly. Amen!

  69. @SenJohnMcCain Lived & Died Protecting The Right That All Human Beings Our Created Equally; I’m Protecting The American Dream Of Lincoln; Therefore There Is No Place For Hate!

  70. What Plutonists like the Coke bros are planning to do to the US Constitution is what is really scary. Dismantling democracy is what we need to realize is happening right before our eyes while we are all distracted. “Look at the birdie!”

  71. This will cost those who confirm him votes as long as he sits on the Supreme Court. That is a promise.

  72. Trump’s nominees are an insult to the necessary impartiality of the Law Courts. For a President in Office to have power over the Law is unconstitutional. This President is dangerous.

  73. This is the WRONG person for the job!!! Please don’t put him in that job. Remember you are supposed to work “for the PEOPLE”! Thank you!

  74. This is just one of the main reasons to block Kavanaugh along with letting Trump off and being another yes man for Trump in the courts…I know he says to Collins no its a fixed law hopefully she figures out he’s another McConnell or Trump you can’t trust a word they say.. The only Republicans I trust right now that have served our country above and beyond is Mueller.. Anyway no to Kavanaugh as women’s rights are in the balance fixed law or not

  75. Leave women’s rights to reproductive health to people who will respect and protect them.

  76. I was the lead volunteer counselor on duty at a clandestine women’s counseling service in a state where discussing abortion with a woman was a criminal offense on the day after the Roe v. Wade decision came down. I wasn’t able to take off my hat until noon or get a glass of water until 10:30 that morning. (Don’t ask me how that many women managed to find the hidden location of our church-sponsored counseling service; women in distress can find ANY path to rescue!) Sure, some of the reasons women
    wanted abortions were frivolous — one was a beauty queen contestant! — but let’s never bring back those days!

  77. The impartial interpretation and affirmation of United States jurisprudence by the Supreme Court is the linchpin which makes America a country ruled by law. Mr. Kavanaugh’s record of decisions that support, in the vast majority of instances, extreme right-wing positions renders him politically partial and thus unfit to occupy a seat in our nation’s highest tribunal. I oppose his nomination to the Supreme Court, and I hope this committee will, too.

  78. Please reject Brett Kavanuagh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. What little we know about him, shows an appalling disrespect for women’s right to make their own decisions and reproductive freedom of choice. Men should have no right to make any laws regarding women’s bodies or their reproductive health.
    He has also shown his disregard for children already born, by denying climate change and his willingness to do nothing about it.

  79. Stop giving men Viagra or prostate exams until women have full control of their health care.

  80. Brett Kavanaugh has shown his extreme bias on many issues. He does not represent the values of most Americans, and he should not be appointed to the supreme court.

  81. This man does not represent America. He is an exclusionist. His America does not include freedom of choice for women. He can not be trusted to see beyond the political beliefs of the man who nominated him. We need judges who know they have a responsibility to all Americans.

  82. I want to see all the papers on this guy, afraid of something Republicans?

  83. Reject Javanaugh we don’t need another racist on the court we have enough of them like Paul Ryan , McConnell and the Republican party and Trump and his administrator this is not the time when there are investigateing Trump and proven facts that Russia interfere to elect Trump and they all have ties to Russia it’s just to many that Russia had brought

  84. American women have RIGHTS. They have the RIGHT to be in control of their own bodies. They have the RIGHT of FREEDOM to do so.
    NO GOVERNMENT has the RIGHT to control a woman’s RIGHT to choose how to take care of her body.
    Instead of controlling women, how about going after the MAN who impregnated her……often by rape or force.

  85. Judge Kavanaugh has many opinions with which I disagree. His ideas on what I call the infallibility of the Presidency and that the President is so busy he can’t be bothered with giving testimony is patently absurd, especially when you observe the current President, Donald J. Trump. When Trump’s schedule was published a short time ago, it appeared that he did no work until 10 or 11 AM and then it was something called “Presidential Time.” His frequent trips to his various gold courses belie any idea that he is so busy with governing that he can’t possibly sit and be questioned by Robert Mueller is farcical. I fear that Kavanaugh will be a shill for Trump and our Country will fall into ruins if this man is on the Court and Trump continues his Presidency because of him.

  86. Roe v Wade must remain in place as the law of the land women deserve the right to choose.

  87. Why did Schumer clear the Senate schedule for Kavanaugh hearings? His job is to obstruct the
    Senate at EVERY possibility. We (those against Kavanaugh) were sold out. We have been out maneuvered time after time. I strongly believe the Democratic leadership MUST be replaced or we do not have a chance. The GOP message is getting out daily thru talking points and parliamentary procedures. Where are the Democratic daily talking points? Where is the Democratic daily and long term strategy. This failure to govern will affect us all as Kavanaugh
    rules on issues that affect us all.

  88. Until he becomes a woman, he wouldn’t know their strength, so he doesn’t deserve to tell them what they do with their bodies. How can he be Pro-Life if he is a Republican which accepts funding from NRA?

  89. It sickens me to realize women have to still fight just to be able to choose what’s right for their bodies. Kavanaugh takes steps backwards. Please do not allow this person to have any position.

  90. So far I have seen no reason whatsoever that would make Brett Kavanaugh an acceptable candidate for a seat on the Supreme Court. His extreme right-wing politics and ties to fundamentalistic theocratic policies both disqualify him in my eyes. I ask that he be rejected for such a responsible position.

  91. Brett Kavanaugh would be disastrous for women and their right to control their own bodies. The Republicans in the Senate are hiding and disallowing important information about Kavanaugh to be considered in the hearings for confirmation of this extreme conservative. History will show this Republican Senate in a very poor light. Do the right thing! Do NOT confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

  92. In addition to Women’s rights, a president identified as an unindicted co-conspirator in a federal criminal investigation should, in no way, be able to select a SCOTUS nominee.

  93. It is totally wrong for Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings for SCOTUS to proceed since many relevant documents have not been provided for the review process, and because there is a massive conflict of interest involved in Mr. Trump’s nomination of Kavanaugh. It is very likely that trump will be facing charges as an outcome of the Special Counsel’s investigation and the testimony of several indicted close associates of Mr. Trump. Kavanaugh has publicly said that a sitting president must not be indicted or even be investigated.This certainly does not seem to be the proper mindset for a SCOTUS who is supposed to be INDEPENDENT of the executive branch and act as a check to executive power. This attitude is quite certainly why he was chosen; since when is it permitted for an accused person to choose their own judge? Do not allow this biased candidate to be confirmed until after the Mueller investigation is complete and Mr. Trump is cleared!

  94. This man has made public his judicial decisions if appointed prior to his appointment. His biases and harmful judgments are antithetical to the rights of all Americans. His worst idea, which is saying a lot, is that the president is above all laws. this in addition to gun legislation being a violation of the first Amendment, nullification of Roe v. Wade, etc. make him impossible to be on the highest court in the land for the next 30 plus years. He is incapable to judging on legal cases brought before this court in a fair, unbiased, and lawful manner.

  95. An illegitimate president has no right to pick a justice. Mitch McConnell’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. Every thing they do is to try and protect that traitor in the Oval Office. It’s a disgrace. They will do anything to remain in power. Lie. Cheat. Threaten. Leak. Obstruct. Pardon. The trumpists have truly lost thier way. And if their covering for this monster turns out to be criminal,then let justice be served. That’s what it’s all about. Justice for all. How much money you have does not free you from accountability. There are consequences for actions. That’s a scientific fact. Facts need to be faced and dealt with accordingly. Enough already.

  96. At this point our Supreme Court does NOT reflect the majority of Americans, especially women. YES their main concern and touch stone should be the US Constitution….but as we have seen “interpretations” are being colored by philosophies, creeds, ideology and in many cases the fact that these Judges have no real contact or experience with “regular” Americans.

    WE DO NOT NEED another justice of this “type”. NO TO Brett Kavanaugh

  97. AMERICA has worked too hard in the past 50 years to LOSE her progress on issues of equality. Brett Kavanaugh will give President Trump and his allies FULL POWER to DICTATE regressive policies versus Democratize our precious republic.
    WE Americans stand firm in REJECTING Brett Kavanaugh and HIS regressive policies!
    NO on Kavanaugh

  98. NO TRUMP SUPREME COURT Nominee hearings nor confirmation!
    Trump is being investigated for CRIMINAL ACTIVITY!

  99. Kavanaugh also wrote that the Supreme Court decision about Nixon may have been WRONG. He cannot be trusted to hold the President accountable for breaking the laws of this country. No one is above the law.

  100. Congress should NOT confirm Kavanaugh until ALL of his documents are released by the White House and THOROUGHLY reviewed. Any candidate nominated to the highest judicial position in this country MUST be held accountable and to high standards. The lives of women and children and thecwell-being & integrity of families of whatever composition are at stake. Unless we are assured that the Constitution and Bill of Rights will prevail over religious favoritism and bias, do not confirm Kavanaugh.

  101. Men should never have the right to deny a woman her right. Men should never have control over a woman’s body, for her right to choose or any other right. Men can make decisions about their bodies without asking for anyone’s permission to do so and a woman should be able to do the same always and forever.

  102. What concerns me even more than the Women’s Issues cited in your narrative, is his “on the record” position than presidents cannot be indicted and held accountable if they try to put themselves above the law. Please vote No on this candidate.

  103. This is one of the most devastating act Trump has done yet. It will affect the USA for many years, and take away Democracy..
    The Supreme Court is perhaps the most protection our Country has.

  104. Brett Kavanaugh` s confirmation MUST BE STOPPED. He will take a woman`s rights away
    to decide what is right for her own body. He will do anything he can to prevent abortions, which
    is taking it back to a dangerous practice where many women will die. He limit a woman`s
    right for birth control. This man will set us back for generations to come. He is the WRONG
    choice for the supreme court.

  105. The damage Trump has done will take years to correct, but this is one that cannot be corrected, once it is done. We must not turn back the clock and make our daughters and the daughters to come suffer under the thumb of an ultra conservative Supreme Court!

  106. funny to advertise for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s movie, at the same time we are swimming in TV spots pushing us (?) to vote for Kavanaugh … when in fact “we” do not have access to that election, not counting the fact that trump refuses to open that judge’s files ! is the white house afraid to show exactly what the judge is really all about ?

    I am really tired of being taken for a ride. Being a woman in the US is looking more and more for us like the country I came from … a muslim one

    when is this going to stop ?

  107. This man CANNOT be allowed another nominee with all of his corruption and scandals!

  108. Kavanaugh is an extreme conservative who, if confirmed, would take away women’s medical rights for generations to come. Protect women’s rights and keep ulta-conservative religion out of our American democracy. Vote NO om Kavanaugh’s nomination to SCOTUS..

  109. Bret Kavanaugh should NEVER be selected for Congress. His record is so flimsy, not consistent in his views, and only being nominated so he’ll keep Trump out of jail, unfortunately that’s where Trump belongs.

  110. Please stop this from happening to our women, young & old as well as our young girls. We have the right to do whatever we need to do for our health. Most men like Trump believe women (young & old) do not believe that any woman should,can or will have the right to owning their own selves. Let us SPEAK!!!

  111. Women have worked too hard for too long to be taking steps backwards! Hands off of our bodies and brains! We know what we are doing.

  112. The Democrats, and Republicans concerned about the intrusion into private lives that curtailing women’s rights involves, must question and continue to question Kavanaugh for as long as possible and demand the documentation and records that detail his judicial beliefs to carry out the responsibility of the Senate in this matter. Delaying the confirmation process in order to uncover the facts about this judge’s stances and writings in the past is crucial to protecting the values that most Americans hold.

  113. I remember when abortion was illegal, and the relief we all felt when Roe v. Wade came down as settled law. I shudder at the thought of young women forced to bear their rapist’s baby, of families overburdened by too many kids too soon, of women forced to abandon college or career plans, and just the existential angst of knowing some group of men has decided what should be a very private matter between a woman and her doctor. WE WON’T GO BACK.

  114. Naming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court would be devastating to women for generations. There are many reasons to oppose his nomination, but women’s rights must be the main one! Men who want to tell women what to do with their bodies are applauding this pick. Shame on them.

  115. A woman’s right to choose how she deals with unwanted pregnancy and/or contraception is just that “HER RIGHt” ! A man, any man should not control what they know nothing about. Religion is a cover for trying to control women’s rights to their own bodies. No one religious group or right wing conservative group should be able to make decisions for all women. Our country boasts about our freedoms and this is a freedom that should never be taken away from the women of the United States. Kavanaugh needs GO!

  116. Senators Stabenow and Peters,
    Should you have any reservation about not confirming Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, let me remind you that every civilization in history has failed when it opts for materialism and the repression of women, especially regarding autonomy regarding their own bodies and civic participation. Strong civilization move steadily in the direction of treating women as autonomous adults, the earth with careful stewardship and the most vulnerable with both compassion and care. Our civilization has been moving in the more regressive direction at an appalling rate. Please take your roles with great seriousness to vote against Mr. Kavanaugh and to persuade your colleagues to do so as well. The impact of the next court can hardly be underestimated for the advance or regression of our civilization!
    Regards, Mary VanAndel

  117. Women haven’t come this far to be stepped on and smothered by some over indulgent nominee who is dragging his religious standings into our advanced appreciation of women’s right to choose.

  118. He’s not just a challenge for women, but he’s also too pro-business & anti-worker, “little guy,” etc.

  119. We don’t need another right wing extremist on the Supreme Court.
    The Court needs to be brought back to balance with a thoughtful
    fair minded nominee who does not have obvious biases based on
    past experience and writings. The current candidate has shown
    in the limited documents made available to the Committee that he
    does not make fair decisions based on our Constitution.

  120. He also seems to believe that the President is above the law. No one is above the law.

  121. Anyone who is so anti woman should not be allowed to be a justice on the Supreme Court. There are also questions about his honesty while being questioned for his current position. Do not confirm this guy.

  122. No unscrupulous, illegitimate, “fake president” should be allowed to nominate anyone for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the country!

  123. Wow, it’s like 1962 all over again. (That was the year that birth control for women became legal in the United States.) All young women need to take heed: they’ve never lived in a time when birth control and abortion were illegal. Maybe they don’t realize their rights could be blown away by a Supreme Court that scarcely represents the demographics of the U. S. population. It’s easy to become complacent and assume that your rights will always be there. Our government, however, is a participatory democracy, and if we don’t actively work to sustain it, it will be taken away from us by those in office who have other agendas.

  124. Keep Kavanaugh out of the Supreme Court; all Trump nominees to the Court must be blocked until the results of the Mueller Investigation are made plain and public.

  125. This man is a danger to women’s health in this nation. He has stated ca tegorically that there should be no prosecution of a sitting president. His history is in favor of corporations, not the real people of this nation. He should not be nominated, let alone allowed to be on the court. Why is he even being vetted when the Republican stopped Obama from naming a judge for the Supreme Court “so near to an election”. But somehow it is all right for them to do the same.

  126. I don’t feel his neutral at all. At the moment it abortion. Tommorrow it attacking other groups, or section of life. basic on his opinion rather than the laws, or constitution.

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