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What is environmental and climate justice?

What is environmental and climate justice?

When some people think of environmentalism or climate change, they might envision protecting endangered species, melting ice caps, rising sea levels, and a warming planet.

These are all critically important aspects in the fight to protect our planet, but here at CREDO, we go a few steps further.

Instead of just considering the effects on the physical environment, we understand that a changing climate has a disproportionate impact on communities of color, low-income people and other marginalized communities here in the United States and across the world.

Because climate change causes drought, extreme weather, and flooding that can lead to famine, forced migration and even armed conflict, the first communities to feel the effects of a changing climate are the world’s most vulnerable.

Here in the United States, communities of color and low-income communities are also the hardest hit by climate change and the fossil fuel industry’s relentless exploitation of natural resources.

Take, for example, recent hurricanes in the Gulf, whose strengths were intensified by a changing climate, that destroyed homes and displaced tens of thousands of low-income people and people of color. Or the toxic coal, oil and gas plants and infrastructure projects that pollute our air and water and cause disproportionate adverse health effects on vulnerable communities.

That’s why our activism to slow climate change and protect the environment always considers the racial and economic impact on marginalized communities. And it’s why we’ve donated more than $19 million to progressive organizations fighting for climate justice.

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14 Comments on “What is environmental and climate justice?

  1. My father at age 58, an uncle, and many men died early because they worked in a steel mill. (Heavy metals is the 4th cause of cancer.)

    Tyler and Doddridge counties, in West Virginia, have been fracked so much that I cry whenever I return.

    “Save Mother Earth and the grandchildren.”

  2. Probably the environment is the first priority at this time. It should be something less controversial because everyone needs Mother

  3. I have seen research over and over again that our livestock production is a primary contributor to climate change . That the livestock production uses excessive amount of land to produce food for the livestock that could be used to grow food for people and that it is known that starvation leads to war in so many countries. My hope is that everyone concerened about climate change will get this information and take the steps to become plant based eaters. It is not the answer we want to hear but we cannot continue to pretend it is all the gas and oil companies problem or other large corporations. I know most of us are trying to do our part with solar and recycling and activism for this cause but we need to get this information and be strong and bold and make even greater steps to turn this around! And in the end we will not only help climate change but also our own health and the health of all people around the world.

  4. This Republican administration is an environmental disaster. They should have to live in the environment/world that they’ve created. To ignore our future generations & bring about a destroyed planet is just irresponsible!

  5. Wildfires are a big problem on the once lush west coast! Yosemite National Park is at risk! We can do more to help when things get out of hand and prevent future outbreaks!

  6. It’s refreshing to see a large company put our people and the planet over the almighty dollar! These trump admin has basically wiped out the agency’s that protects us! We don’t need an EPA while trump is president as they are doing the opposite of what the agency was created to do!

  7. Climate change is a unifying nonpartisan issue which unites us, as has the horror of nuclear weapons has since World War II.
    To truly mitigate the effects of climate change we must create a new society based on justice; ecological, regenerative, and sustainable economic systems; reduction of health, educational, and economic disparities, fair trade, and international cooperation. This approach will reduce the crisis level of global migration among other benefits.

  8. Thank you for all that your organization does for our planet and climate! You are a champion. However, I thought I should mention that cell phone use is dangerous to humans, animals, and insects migratory patterns. Is there more that should be done to create and promote better eco-friendly cell phones, or “greener cell phones” and providers with the least impact on lives? And a portion of sales voted for causes such as wildfires or current events for each cell phone and service plan sold? It’s just an idea, however there is so much to clean-up, we were distracted and entertained, now its time to get dirty and defend lives. (Defender of Wildlife member 2018).
    Your article was very informational and understandable and I appreciate you addressing these harmful issues, as we are all in this fight together! Perhaps providing greener products will help us make this critical shift in our lives, there is so much to save now! It’s all we should be doing in any way we can.
    I am a concerned citizen who is a feeder of wild birds and the others come also, they must be hungry, and I know being endangered… we all are with fossil fuels. Thanking you for your platform and I hope to see it continue doing more! We can change our lives and theirs, we must do it. We are Stewards on Earth to respect its inherent beauty entirely in all possible ways to replenish and flourish as do we.

  9. I think it’s wonderful environmental organisations are here now and you are here because it’s so needed !!
    To point out the problems , environmental as most important at tbis moment.
    To advise people and goverments , because it’s because of us and them that we have this problem , which will destroy all of us if we do nothing ! So as an environmentalist we have a good job to do.
    Thank you !

  10. As a Vietnam veteran and lifelong environmentalist I whole heartedly support the fight to lower our greenhouse gas emissions and I have adopted a diet change to avoid promoting methane output from cows by eating beef. In 2011 I became vegan which is the best personal choice I could make to help save our planet. I encourage everyone to choose this path to have a major impact on lowering your impact.

  11. If we don’t act now,soon it will be to late!There is no way that euch people keep.on making teribble wrong descions,Just because they ignorant and don’t understand,that all their money will not safe them!Democracy means,everybody hast a voive!I want you to listen to mine:Enough is enough!

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