We turn talk into action – we’re CREDO Mobile

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed these days. Climate change, culture wars, attacks on gender equality. It’s hard to keep track of it all, let alone take action on those issues you really care about.

But know this. There are good, honest, effective organizations addressing the world’s problems and working hard on solutions.

One of them is CREDO Mobile. We’re committed to progressive change and, with the help of members like you, we’ve donated over $94 million to nonprofit groups fighting for the environment, civil rights and economic justice. Groups like the ACLU, Color of Change, the LGBTQ Task Force and Planned Parenthood.

So far this year, we’ve donated to 18 amazing nonprofits. And, to celebrate our first six months of 2023 donations, we recently gave an extra $10,000 to one of these groups: Social Security Works.

We asked you and other members which group among all our 2023 donations recipients should get the extra funds and 25,000 voted for Social Security Works.

This donation will provide vital support to Social Security Works in its campaign to defend your Social Security against attack by Republicans and Wall Street executives, who are trying to take your retirement money from you and use it for themselves.

Republicans want the money so they can “finance” tax cuts for the wealthy with “savings” from Social Security. Wall Street executives want the money diverted into investment accounts so they can gamble it in the stock market and pocket large fees.

But Social Security Works is pushing back. It’s pressing for policies to defend Social Security, which really does work—and works well—for tens of millions of Americans.

Thank you for being a member and helping us generate this contribution to Social Security Works. This donation—all our donations—cost you nothing. But they mean everything to the nonprofits we fund and power their fight for the progressive causes you believe in, like stopping domestic violence, advocating for LGTBQ+ rights and curbing the ecocidal spread of pesticides and herbicides.

Every nonprofit we support is carefully curated and vetted by the CREDO Mobile staff and every one makes a difference in the world. We’re extremely proud of this work and you should be proud as well.

Don’t forget to vote for this month’s grantees. And please tell your friends about the amazing CREDO movement that you’re part of.