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Tuesday Tip: 5 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Women’s Equality

Looking to follow new progressives on Twitter? Here are five of our favorite accounts to follow for women’s rights. They’re run and managed by women and they discuss women’s equality and many other topics, including politics and Hollywood. They’re provocative, informative, often inspiring and never dull.

Five Twitter Accounts to Follow for Women’s Rights

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is a phenomenon and a force. As the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, she is, after just weeks in office, one of the most compelling people on Capitol Hill. She’s also using Twitter as a powerful tool to advance progressive values and policies.

AOC’s Twitter feed is a direct link to her thoughts at a given moment. In a January interview with Insider, she revealed that she writes all her own tweets, which is rare among today’s candor-phobic politicians – outside of the rage-tweeter in the Oval Office).

“I was sitting next to a public official and I had pulled up my Twitter feed and I was drafting a tweet and she was, like, ‘You write those?’ And I was, like, ‘Yeah,’” Ocasio-Cortez said. Her Twitter account is a captivating daily delivery from one of the nation’s most dynamic progressive figures.

Ava DuVernay

DuVernay is a film director, producer and screenwriter. She directed “Selma” and “A Wrinkle in Time,” which, she told The Washington Post, is about “a Black girl who has no superpowers but ends up doing extraordinary things that she didn’t even know she could – and I relate to that.”

DuVernay is indeed doing extraordinary things. She’s the first Black woman to win the U.S. Directing Award: Dramatic at Sundance, first to be nominated for a Best Director Golden Globe Award and first to have her film nominated for an Oscar. She has achieved success in Hollywood and is now using her influence to change the system so that everyone can have a chance, not only white men.

She tweets on politics, race, intersectionality and women’s equality as well as TV and film. She is also an active critic of the “diseased” Trump regime. “It’s a different era of ineptitude and audacity and misogyny and ignorance that we haven’t experienced,” she told Vanity Fair. “My answer is not, ‘Let’s just support and wait till another four years goes by.’ My answer is to resist.”

Emma Gonzalez

Gonzalez is a survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, and co-founder of the gun-control advocacy groups Never Again MSD and March for Our Lives. Memorably, three days after the Parkland massacre, she delivered a gripping speech at a gun control rally in Fort Lauderdale in which she called “B.S.” on Donald Trump, politicians in general and the NRA, in particular for undermining stricter gun laws, which are supported by 61 percent of Americans.

Recently turned 19-years-old, Gonzalez is an openly bisexual woman of Cuban descent. She has 1.66 million Twitter followers – more than double the NRA’s 738,000. Her tweets are bold, incisive and regularly call B.S. on social injustice. She is a remarkable young person with an always-interesting perspective on Washington and the world.

She the People

She the People is a national network that connects women of color with the goal of transforming our democracy. It seeks to lift the political voice and power of women of color as leaders, strategists, organizers and voters. And it succeeds. Founder Aimee Allison – author, organizer and one of the first women of color to be honorably discharged from the U.S. Army as a conscientious objector – helped architect the electoral wins that made 2018 the “year of women of color in politics.”

Black, Latina, Asian-American, Arab-American and Native-American women together are the highest-turnout voters for the Democratic Party, but the most underrepresented group in elected leadership. This is changing, as women of color work to transform our democracy from the inside and the outside. Follow She the People’s Twitter account for daily updates on this dramatic and necessary political movement.

U.N. Women

The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, also known as U.N. Women, is a United Nations body that takes action to empower women and girls worldwide. It works with governments and civil groups to design laws, policies, programs and services that enhance gender equality.

When you follow the U.N. Women’s Twitter feed, you’ll learn about women making vital change globally, like Hajiya Amina Ahmed, a peacebuilder in Nigeria who reaches across religious and ethnic lines to empower women and build peaceful communities, and Apaisaria Kiwori, head matron of a safe house in the Mara region of northwestern Tanzania that takes in young girls escaping female genital mutilation, child marriage, domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Gender inequality is an ongoing crisis in regions around the world. Women don’t have access to decent jobs and face gender wage gaps everywhere. They suffer violence and discrimination. They’re prevented from going to school or to the doctor. They have no say in political and economic decision making. 

But the United Nations is making real progress in advancing gender equality, and you can read about it at the U.N. Women’s Twitter account.

We also recommend

CREDO funds many remarkable nonprofit groups fighting for women’s equality – and most of them have Twitter accounts that are worth following. For starters, we recommend NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, UltraViolet and the Women’s Refugee Commission. And we hope you’ll search Twitter and discover your own favorite feeds for thought and action on the issue of women’s equality.

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