On 9/20, CREDO is going on strike for the climate. Will you join us?

Here at CREDO, we’re going on strike. For the climate.

That’s right – I’ve asked all CREDO employees to walk out on Sept. 20 and join one of the thousands of Climate Strikes happening across the country and the world to demand climate justice for everyone and end the age of fossil fuels. 

It’s the least we can do to lift up the voices of the millions of young people striking for our climate. 

Climate activist Greta Thunberg urged the global community to act as if the house is on fire – because it is. We have only 11 years to prevent irreversible damage to our planet, so we must all act now before it’s too late. We are heeding Greta’s call, and we want your help to do even more.

Here are some ways you can join the movement with us:

  1. Vote now to help us distribute $50,000 to groups fighting for climate justice and the Green New Deal. In addition to the nearly $20 million that members like you have helped us donate to groups fighting for the environment and climate justice, we’re stepping up to donate even more this month to five great groups on the frontlines combating climate change.
  2. Sign the petition demanding that American banks divest from fossil fuels. U.S.-based banks JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Citi are the top fossil fuel investors in the world. Tell them to stop financing oil, gas and coal companies.
  3. Join and recruit your friends to attend a Climate Strike near you. There are thousands of marches across the country on Sept. 20. If you don’t see one close by, you can organize your own.
  4. Download a Climate Strike poster. Whether or not you can attend a march, download and print a poster to show your support for climate justice.

We hope to see you on the streets on Sept. 20 for climate action.

-Ray Morris