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Mitch McConnell quotes CREDO’s Heidi Hess on the Senate floor

It’s not often you get quoted on the Senate floor – but that’s what happened last week.

Last Thursday, an angry and defiant Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell went to the Senate floor to rail on our quickly growing movement to impeach Brett Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court.

We must be really getting under his skin because McConnell called CREDO “the mob” and quoted me from an NBC news article about our campaign.

Check out McConnell’s comments here

From their desperate attempts to characterize the movement against Kavanaugh, which is more broadly a movement against patriarchy and white supremacy, as a mob, it is obvious that Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans are scared. They know, as we do, that we will ultimately win, against Kavanaugh and against systemic oppression, and they are doing everything they can to try to discredit and shut down our movement as it picks up steam.

McConnell and every single Senate Republican have proven that they care more about helping men escape consequences for sexual harassment and assault than about making sure an accused sexual predator and liar isn’t confirmed to the Supreme Court.

That’s why almost 175,000 thousand CREDO members have taken action to demand that the House immediately begin real and thorough investigations and initiate impeachment proceedings against Brett Kavanaugh.

Here at CREDO, we’re proud to be called out by McConnell and we’re glad that he’s scared of the work we all do together.

You can join the fight here:


14 Comments on “Mitch McConnell quotes CREDO’s Heidi Hess on the Senate floor

  1. Every sitting Republican Congressperson is in violation of their oath to the Constitution! Not surprising since they have been attacking it since 1980

  2. McConnell is the idiot that blocked President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland from getting a hearing. He and the cowardly Repuplblican Senate made lame excuses for doing this. What they did is unconstitutional and they all should be punished for it. Then he has the gall to call US the mob. Cut the projection, Mitch!!

  3. The current ugliness of commentary by thoughtless, closed in,
    mean spirited, unenlightened, mostly ” mature white men ‘”
    is bringing our country to its tired knees …

    There is no elegance… no calm thinking … no compromise…
    The president of the US says, with a wsve of a small hand,
    Well she might be telling the truth, but I don’t care because
    we won … Who is we ..??? He ususlly says ” I ” … is this sort
    of progress ???

    As he says, frequently … it is all a disgrace… indeed

  4. If I can take you at you word about being a Christian Senator McConnell, I know you will do as Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior would have you do and remove Judge / Justice Kavanaugh from the bench entirely for his lies when he was first allowed to sit on the District Court.

  5. Love it!! Thank you, CREDO, for your hard work & persistence! So glad to be involved! ..ANYTHING I can do! God bless Democracy!

  6. what can u say about a group of republican mad men. United States Citizens have been let down by this republican administration including the trump supporters at his rallies. They haven’t felt it yet.

  7. Kavanaugh needs to be impeached, and republicans need to be voted out of office.

  8. I’m so exhausted with it all. Whether it’s here in London with the calamitous Brexit or over in the US with the Orange Idiot. We will prevail. The pendulum will swing back.

  9. Why would any of them, especially the creeps Trump, McConnell and Graham, care about the
    sexual assault of women (I’d bet all are guilty) IF they obviously don’t care about the wholesale
    slaughter of school children and other innocent American people? I certainly don’t think
    Kavanaugh will be impeached, look how Republicans and Russia have railroaded American
    politics to this point. The NRA Lobby has to go FIRST.

    Maybe The Lord’s Karma will look after the rest. I have no money to send but all of my hopes and prayers are with all of us Democrats. Voters will take us over I think, not money.

    Love and concerns,

    Rachel I. Jacobs

  10. Dear Mitch,
    When I want to stop nagging me, I do what she’s requested. If you want us to stop protesting Patriarchy and Misogyny, stop being Patriarchal and Misogynistic!

  11. Hooray and Thank You Heidi Hess! And a shout out to the thousands and thousands of rape survivors who were triggered, re-traumatized and re-victimized by the unimaginable ignorance and callousness of old white men in the Senate during the sham confirmation hearing.

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