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June 26: A Great Day for Equality

June 26 is the third anniversary of the Supreme Court’s historic verdict in Obergefell v. Hodges, when the court declared same-sex marriage legal across the United States and granted all Americans the right to marriage equality. For impact, the decision ranks with Roe v. Wade and Brown v. Board of Education.

In the words of lead plaintiff Jim Obergefell, it “affirms what millions across this country already know to be true in our hearts. Our love is equal.”

Opponents argued that the legalization of same-sex marriage would fundamentally change the institution of marriage. And it did – for the better. In the three years since the Obergefell decision, millions of same-sex couples have married and, in doing so, added strength to the institution of marriage.

Here at CREDO, we’ll be celebrating June 26 and marriage equality along with all people who believe in equal rights. We’ve worked hard for decades to make it reality. Hundreds of thousands of CREDO members took action for marriage equality. We fought for and won the freedom to marry in many states.

CREDO members have also voted to donate millions of dollars to groups fighting for marriage equality, including the National LGBTQ Task Force, Freedom to Marry, Courage Campaign, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Campaign, and the ACLU.

But we know the work is not done – especially now as the Trump administration,  Republican Congress and, yes, Supreme Court (hello, Neil Gorsuch) level new assaults against the rights of LGBTQ people, including the recent verdict in Masterpiece Cakeshop, the case of a Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. Donald Trump’s first year in office was a full on assault  on LGBTQ rights: He tried to reinstate a ban on transgender people in the military; he stacked his cabinet, his administration and the courts with anti-LGBTQ extremists; and even, in his petty way, refused to recognize Pride Month.

So, yes, we’ll celebrate today. But tomorrow we’ll continue the fight for LGBTQ rights. To quote our friends at GLAAD, “Marriage equality is a benchmark, not a finish line, and our work to bridge the gap to full acceptance for LGBT people continues.”

18 Comments on “June 26: A Great Day for Equality

  1. My spouse and i…married since 2008 (together since 1992) will be celebrating. We are also continue in the fight for LGBTQ rights. Stronger Together

  2. Yes,
    June 26 is an important landmark in the long struggle for freedom for all citizens!

  3. We live in very challenging times when hate-filled people would love to reverse the gains already made. LGBTQ has won d substantial victories toward fair treatment and justice. May you continue to prevail.

  4. YES, Let’s keep up the good work you have begun…I only wish I were wealthy so I could assist more in these very important, incredible, insightful projects to help all people, regardless….

    Bless you all,


  5. Thank you, Credo. This world has gone absolutely upside down. Inaction is repugnant. Your work is appreciated.

  6. Love is love.
    .Who is to say who can and cannot love another..

  7. I agree with you 100%. What the world needs now is Love Sweet Love!!!!!

  8. Go LGBTQ guys and gals!!! JJ is straight, but supports the cause (anything that will upset the “Trumpinski/Pence racist regime”)

  9. We do not have marriage equality. We do not even have same sex relationship equality. Even if something is right there is always something someone else will do or say. The devil attacks what’s valuable and I’m glad no one is perfect. Love is love and in the end all the country cares marriage is how much taxes they’ll get from it. Love is love we must never forget what love is because in the end and through it all that’s all what living was for. Have a blessed day.

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