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Five Ways You Can Stand Up to the NRA Right Now

Five Ways You Can Stand Up to the NRA Right Now

Within hours of the horrific massacre at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida — which took the lives of 17 people — Republican politicians were issuing their well-rehearsed “thoughts and prayers” social media posts and rejecting any calls for serious gun control reforms that would prevent these killings in the future.

But the very next day, the brave Parkland survivors took action. And in the weeks since the shooting, they have taken to the halls of the Florida legislature, Congress and the White House to call out the true enabler of these repeated mass killings: the National Rifle Association.

In response, the NRA has dug in its heels, rejecting any form of common sense gun reform and even empowering dangerous conspiracy theories to discredit the survivors. But the momentum for real gun control is on our side. Since Parkland, corporate partners have been abandoning the NRA in droves. And people all over the country have been publicizing and criticizing the amount of money their representatives have taken from the NRA.

CREDO stands with the Parkland students and everyone else who is ready to fight for real gun control and call out the NRA for its complicity in gun deaths and gun violence.

Here are five ways you can take action right now to stop the NRA:

  1. Tell Republicans in Congress: Thoughts and prayers are not enough.It is time for Republicans in Congress to join Democrats in standing up to the NRA and pass an assault weapons ban that will save American lives.
  2. Tell the NRA’s corporate partners: Stop enabling the NRA’s extremism. Activism to pressure companies to sever ties with the NRA is working, with companies like Delta, United Airlines, Hertz, and others dropping discount programs for NRA members. But other companies, including FedEx, aren’t giving up their partnerships, so we must keep up the pressure.
  3. Tell Congress: Stop taking the NRA’s money. In the last 20 years, the NRA has donated more than $4.1 million to current members of Congress, which has kept most legislation about gun control from ever getting a vote. It’s time for members of Congress to break free from the NRA and reject money from the gun lobby.
  4. Stand with Sen. Warren: Tell investors in gun manufacturers to demand change. Big Wall Street investors in the major gun manufacturers have been profiting off of gun violence in America for far too long. We’re joining Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s push to demand that these investors use their power to force gun manufacturers to make us safer, not more at risk.
  5. Attend a gun control march or walkout. Parkland survivors and their allies are planning protests and rallies in Washington, DC and across the country. Stand up to the NRA and show your support for gun control and survivors at an event near you. If you plan to join the march—or just want to show your support—we have protest posters available for download here.

37 Comments on “Five Ways You Can Stand Up to the NRA Right Now

  1. The reality of our world is that the NRA is deeply invested in our government. This is very dangerous and no one seems to notice that they control Republicans. How are prayers going to help our dead children or their parents? How are arming teachers and putting more guns in our schools going to help? Bans seem to be the only answer. No one sensible person needs to own a weapon of war much less be allowed to buy this weapon at the age of 18. I am not advocating taking guns away from people just controlling the type of guns they own. No one not fighting a declared war needs the fire power used in these school shootings and other mass killings,This makes me sick to think it is going on in our country. Our kids a forced by law to be in school and for the past years they have become targets so why arm the idiots out there shooting out children. They are our future not the NRA. How in the world can anyone condone this type of incident and continue to take blood money from those promoting a way for sick idiots killing our future and our children? Get out of the gun business, the guns serve one purpose and one purpose only and that is killing and lately it is our children who are being killed. What is wrong with you people trading money for the lives of our children? .

    • 2nd amendment is a threat to public safety. No guns no gun murders. The 2nd amendment is not constitutional, in our 21st century reality of machine guns and ammo, the 2nd amendment is insanity.
      To avoid hysteria of right wing nuts here is the only caveat: Hunters, who are hunting for food and have valid hunting permits, have access to hunting grade guns. Otherwise, no guns no gun murders.
      One whacko in Las Vegas killed and injured over 800 people –
      One kid in Parkland Florida kills and injures 31 –
      An average of 10,000 people are killed and estimated 100,000 injured a year by guns in America…that is insanity.

    • Stop selling assault rifles weapons they are unnecessary and deadly for children deserve to be safe and we deserve to be not sorry

    • Aloha Pam,Hawaii has some of the strictest gun laws so we do not have the problems other states have,one way to end this endless violence is to enact ammunition laws which would not require an amendment to the US constitution ,and tightly regulate bullets.Making people buy ammunition from law enforcement ,or the military, who are trained to use weapons, would curtail mass shootings, and shorten response time.BAN THE BULLET

  2. We’ve grieved over every mass shooting hoping each one would be the last.
    But “Hope” won’t make the changes necessary to stop gun violence.
    The ACTIONS of the majority will.
    Thank you Credo for your action list. We will Stand Beside the Parkland students on Saturday and we will March together…all 500,000 of us!
    ENOUGH and NEVER Again.

  3. I am a member of the NRA. We are not the enemy.

    Guns save lives.

    • Guns’ sole purpose is to kill (a _secondary_ purpose would be to engage the fear of death in a fellow human, perhaps occasionally resulting in the saving of a life).

      You may be a responsible gun owner. If so, I would think you’d want to be on the side of those pleading for strong gun control measures. Because the alternative is a more extreme version, which would be the what many of you seem to fear more than death: the confiscation of all guns. That is not what we are asking for; we are asking for strong, thoughtful, measures designed to make it extremely difficult for someone to walk into a store and emerge with a mass-killing machine, and slaughter tens or hundreds of innocent people, whether they’re going to school or to a concert.

      The NRA has become nothing more than a lobbying, marketing, and sales entity for the gun manufacturers. You may be a member of the NRA, but that doesn’t mean you need to toe the party line.

    • No, they don’t! You can say that all you want but we’re not buying that old saw anymore! Civilians do not need assault style weapons. They were designed for military use, not private use. These rapid fire weapons have but one purpose: To kill as many people as possible in a short period of time.

      I encourage you to read…/553937/ This is what these weapons do.

    • The NRA of today is not the same one as in the past. A group of thugs have taken control and if you don’t know that or see that, I feel sorry for you.

    • The NRA shares responsibility for these atrocities because of its uncompromising position on gun control. That is: ‘there must be absolutely no restriction on the types of guns that are currently available, because that is the first step toward elimination of all guns.’ This is totally false: have hunting and fishing regulations led to the banning of hunting and fishing? Absolutely not! Those necessary regulations have simply banned certain types of hunting and fishing practices such as explosives for fishing and machine guns for hunting. And they have made for bag limits, orderly seasons, and many more regulations that have protected the resources for the good of all. Just so, sensible gun control will NOT lead to the prohibition of guns, it will protect the lives of the innocent. They also protect the rights of responsible gun owners (i.e., if these atrocities continue, maybe society WILL ban all guns). RESPONSIBLE, sensible, unselfish gun owners will not demand the right to own exotic WEAPONS (instruments of attack or defense in combat, not hunting or target instruments) that pose a clear and present danger to children and everyone everywhere, they will support banning them.

  4. If those in power don’t give a DAMN about our children, they are in for a big surprise in November…..because America’s MOTHERS HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THEIR BULL SHIT “THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS” and we will be handing out PINK SLIPS to them all

  5. Even a three-day wait to obtain a gun legally is not enough, at least for semi-automatics that can be converted to automatic. This applies to many hunting rifles and shotguns that are semi-automatic and been around for years and years. I mean, what is the rush? Perhaps a hunting rifle/shotgun three days before hunting season may be a reason to have a short three-day wait. But for a semi-auto rifle, shotgun or even pistol which can become automatic, WHAT’S THE RUSH?
    Magazines-Why is a capacity of 5+ needed plus 1 in the chamber? After all, the six-shooter was “the gun that won the West”. What hunted animal is going to be in target range after three shots, and six-NO WAY! So what’s the need? An intruder? If I can’t stop an intruder within six shots, I better run for my life.

    • Which guns can be converted to automatic fire?
      Is this a widely known procedure and easily done?!
      Which mass murderers have used automatic fire weapons?
      What further background checks would be done over a three day wait that is not done now?
      Have any of the school murderers bought a gun they used withing three days of their crime?
      Just looking for further clarification into these issues you’ve mentioned.

  6. No one needs assault weapons; this world is in turmoil, the Middle East the ancient places destroyed the people terrorized children scarred for life generations will be influenced by terror instead of the beauty of this planet. It’s time to stop this destruction.

  7. I am SO PROUD of these fine young AMERICANS!
    God bless all of them!
    And I want them all to know, that the VAST MAJORITY of your fellow Americans, stand with you, not against you.
    Please continue to “war “ with both the Republicans and their “owners “, the NRA.
    I assure you, you are not alone, in this fight.
    America is at your back.

  8. I agree!! Ban all assault rifles, special stocks, larger than need clips, etc. and get our entire country on the same wavelength in reporting men and women who have demonstrated behavior that could lead to killings; where all police departments, sheriffs departments, state police and other mental health professionals would put names and other identifiying information on a national list where this could be shared to protect those on the list as well as the general public.

  9. backed calamities. The teens are serious about bringing about a change. I heard one promise the elected officials that if they do not act on this, they should be prepared for a tremendous upheaval when this group reaches voting age. I’ve watched moneyed politicians damage our democracy for some 62 years. At age 84 I suspect that I will not live to see the final result of this upheaval. I’ve studied the history of civilizations stronger than ours, [but without a plan of government as workable as ours] and seen their demises because those who recognized the problems and were capable of “fixing” them were killed or “deflated” by money and self centered leaders….which is where we are now. There is no question that our current “government” and that of many other countries is being Soviet influenced….and our moneyed behind-the-scene leaders are blind to the danger….even the Koch brothers, whose ancestor barely escaped the Kremlin with his life….and came to this “free” country to plant the seeds which will destroy our democracy.

  10. Anything not for hunting should be banned.
    Ridiculous that a civilian can outgun police

    • Is it true that a civilian can outgun police? Please demonstrate.
      Why are police considered safe to be using guns? Don’t they make a lot of mistakes and shoot the wrong people, and shoot people without proper consideration?

  11. Thank you for composing this email and getting it out there! People need to understand that we have reasonable avenues available to us to pressure our government into doing the right thing. The NRA must be reeled in & sensible gun legislation must be enacted ASAP!

    • This is it in a nutshell. Our founding fathers had not the crumb of an idea that that their phrase for a “well armed militia” would become the excuse for the general population of the country having legal access to the weaponry now available. First, a “wellarmed militia” translates in plain English to a “well- armed MILITARY”. And, equally important, the guns of the mid-1700s, were flintlocks! NOT the weapons of mass destruction now available to the general public. Look it up, if you want to be informed.

  12. long overdue to educate and end distorted interpretation of the 2nd amendment

  13. Three things I think needs to happen.
    1) Get big money OUT of politics
    2) Elect only those willing to enact gun control measures like universal background checks and ban on all assault weapons
    3) GET RID OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE-popular vote wins!

  14. Stop the flow of NRA blood money to our elected officials. We need strict tight loop hole free gun control like the rest of the civilized countries of the world.

  15. If you do not wear a service uniform by occupation, nor are an active employee of a law enforcement organization, there is absolutely no practical necessity for you to own military-style assault weapons. The recreational privilege of a few should not override the safety of the many.

    As long as We, the People allow this society to be governed by fear and greed, we will never crawl out of this pit of degeneracy and progress as a nation. Choose your destiny wisely.

  16. How will stopping the sale of assault weapons make a difference when there are so many already in the hands of U.S. residents and anyone can hand someone else an assault weapon? Can’t people get killed with hunting weapons as well, or pistols? Are we going to try to take all the guns from all the people who own them already? Won’t they fight back? I mean, they have guns, right?

    If we tell Republicans to stop taking money from the NRA, don’t Democrats have to stop taking money from Credo as well? I mean, this is a Democracy, right? You don’t give money to any Republicans, right?

    How much profit have the gun manufacturers actually made on the number of guns that have been used in actions against people in domestic situations? Is it really significant enough to say they’re profiting from gun violence, or would they see the amount as irrelevant and gladly forego those sales?

    I have to say that I don’t think anyone in the NRA actually assisted any mass murderers or approved of their actions, so I think it’s going a bit far to say that they enabled them. It seems like their own policies are against shooting people with guns, except in war or necessary police action.

    I wonder, how many gun owners actually belong to the NRA and how many others are there?

  17. No wonder the Danes are such happy people. They do not have to deal with guns in their country because they are not allowed. Period. And they don’t have to deal with a repugnant NRA who does all the decision making for Congress. Lock the NRA up, and throw away the guns!

  18. Why is it that the merchants of murder never suffer any consequences? They only make money from the killings.
    With all the BS from the NRA and other pseudo-“patriots”, it seems the only remaining solution is a total ban on ALL guns.
    With the existence of the National Guard, the “well organized militia” qualifier in the Second Amendment is taken care of, making the rest superfluous.
    Because of the deaths of 3,000 Americans at the hands of terrorists, we reduced TWO ENTIRE NATIONS back to the stone age, yet the NRA backed gun culture results in TEN TIMES that many American deaths EACH YEAR and terrorizes the entire nation. Personally, I think the NRA sickos take perverse pleasure in their policies resulting in the killing of so many people. What power they have. TIME TO END IT.
    Australia did it, certainly they are not that much more capable than we are.

  19. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” That’s it, the Second Amendment in its entirety. When it, and the Constitution, were enacted, it was a different time with different needs, and many other of the needs of our early nation, and the laws supporting them, have changed since then.

    Women could note vote; buying and selling human beings was accepted and even practiced by a number of our ‘noble founding fathers’ who were also the ‘authors’ of our Constitution. Later amendments changed – or ‘Corrected’ this living, growing Constitution time and again.

    At its conception, we were in imminent danger of being invaded by England or other world powers, and it was felt an armed citizenry that could repel invaders was a necessary asset. Think ‘Midnight Ride of Paul Revere’, long single shot muskets, lead shot and gunpowder, carefully loaded and tamped down for each pull of a trigger.

    Today, we have a professional, properly outfitted and ‘well regulated Militia’ with an annual budget of $700 billion ( that’s $ with a ‘B’); rather than fearing foreign kings and others sneaking in over our borders, we’ve a ‘militia’ presence in some 800 bases in roughly 70 countries around the world. Stateside, we’ve ALSO got a few Army and Navy bases, plus airfields stocked with many professional good guys with guns! There’s a new government agency – TSA – dedicated primarily to the idea that NO WEAPONS or bad people should travel by air!

    Does obedience to the arcane language and phrasing of the Second Amendment demand our citizens also should TODAY ‘not be infringed’ from owning all the same current day armaments carried by our full-time well-trained and professional militia? Should we feel not only ‘the right’, but outright ‘entitlement’ to ALSO ‘keep and bear’ grenades, napalm bombs, flamethrowers and, if an individual has personal wealth and contacts sufficient to the task, nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to annihilate a offending neighbor or invading person from some a foreign country or even god-forbid, a ‘less desirable’ neighborhood?

    I hardly imagine that’s what the Founding Fathers ever had in mind. I also don’t think they could even imagine the murder and mayhem currently being unleashed by an (un)regulated citizenry armed with weaponry unimagined when the Second Amendment was written into a well-intentioned law for a simpler time.

    CONSIDER: Our entire nation’s population of children – high school age – and under have lived THEIR ENTIRE LIFETIMES in a period when school ground mass murders have become an ‘unregulated’ – fact of life.

    Rapid fire weapons with large ammo capacities are not for ‘sport’, or ‘marksmanship’ contests. They are designed to kill, and provide an ‘edge’ or advantage, over the less well equipped warrior who cannot get as many rounds into the fight as quickly. The NRA maintains “The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!” Follow that logic, we’ll have ever more frequent ‘violent incidents with body counts of’ – hell, pick a number between 3 and 57 – before some good guy scores a bulls-eye! In Las Vegas, the count stopped at 58, and it wasn’t a good guy, but a very crazy, deranged BAD GUY who finally took himself out of the picture after living out his deranged scheme by turning his ‘second amendment enabled’ killing machines on himself!

    What if killing machines were just a tad harder to acquire, and potential owners had to show both a ‘reason’ for requiring them, and the mature judgement to have them around? Not such a bad idea, is it!

    Sanity – it is hoped – will eventually prevail. It would – and could – if America’s Congressional body would stand united against the NRA and tell them “Enough!” but they will not, and can not, because far too many members of our ruling class are recipients of NRA dollars, toeing the NRA line for continued support and re-election.

    But that would require reforms we’re unwilling – or unable – to make at this time. It might take some adjustment in our thinking, or even an ‘amendment or two’ to the way we ‘do business’ in the nation’s capitol, such as congressmen and senators who listen to the folks they represent at home rather than their Party leaders who decide who’ll run by how party funds are spent, funds which come from large organizations with bills of interest to large organizations, businesses and other ‘connected’ groups. Can you say NRA?

    Until then, the Nation will have ‘our Thoughts and Prayers’. Think. And Pray. Harder! Perhaps future prayers will give thanks that more innocent lives weren’t lost.

    It’s really difficult to see how this will ‘Make America Great Again!”


  20. The 2nd amendment is one of the few that comes with a qualifier, making it highly probable that the authors felt the need to justify this one. Now that we have a well regulated military (army, navy, marines, air force, etc.) supplied with government-issued weapons sufficient to blow any enemy off the face of the earth, there’s no need for citizens to supply their own arms to defend the nation, leaving the whole 2nd amendment without a viable justification. If there’s a reason for allowing Americans to keep and bear any and all firearms they want, then what is it? Because the one given by our founders doesn’t apply anymore.

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