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For Our Democracy: Stop Trump’s Supreme Court Power Grab

Donald Trump is abusing his power now, but if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court, then all checks could be off.

As Trump tries to undermine Robert Mueller’s investigation, his lawyers have repeatedly claimed that the law doesn’t apply to him—that he can ignore a subpoena to testify and even suggest that he can pardon himself. With Kavanaugh on the bench, the Supreme Court could rubber-stamp such claims and hand Trump practically limitless power.

This is why we must stop his confirmation.

The Mueller investigation could soon place questions of Trump’s power squarely before the court.

Kavanaugh’s record is not encouraging. His past opinions show him to be a staunch defender of executive power. In 1998, during the Clinton impeachment proceedings, Kavanaugh wrote that “an indictment should not be pursued while the president is in office.” In 2009, he argued that a sitting president should be able to defer legal investigations and civil suits until after he leaves office and should be excused from answering questions from a prosecutor during his term. In 2011, he suggested that a president can ignore laws he doesn’t like.

Trump above the law is a chilling thought.

Checks and balances are the bedrock of our democracy. And already the House, under Trump apparatchik Devin Nunes, has appointed itself the president’s bodyguard. In fact, Nunes has declared that it’s the job of the House to protect Trump and end the Mueller investigation.

Please help us block the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Sign our petition urging the Senate to reject Kavanaugh and click here to find more ways you can help #StopKavanaugh.


108 Comments on “For Our Democracy: Stop Trump’s Supreme Court Power Grab

    • Trump should have been imprisoned decades ago. He does not care for the citizens of our country, nor does he care for fellow humans. He is not fit to serve.

  1. It is unethical for Donald Trump, who could be charged with crimes related to his 2016 election as President, to be able to see his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh confirmed as Supreme Court Justice, a lifelong appointment. Rather, as the Senate leadership did with President Obama’s prior nominee, the Senate leadership must delay the confirmation process to allow time to review ALL documents Kavanaugh has generated over the years and to await the outcome of mid-term elections similar to the rationale given for refusing to initiate review of President Obama’s prior nominee.

  2. Trump is a illigetimate president thanks to russia trump has putin in his pocket and where are his tax returns trump must be impeached he is a disgrace especially after john mccain died and trump gave him no respect imagine that from a draft dodger trump got 5 deferrements not to serve from his rich father

  3. What we do know of Kavanaugh’s record as a judge is very disturbing. Then there is what we don’t know. All his records should be released and time granted to study these records. A LIFETIME APPOINTMENT TO THE HIGHEST COURT IN THE LAND DEMANDS A THOROUGH STUDY.

  4. This nominee is totally unqualified based on his known strong political views which show a pre-existing bias and could and will upend the past decisions of the Supreme Court such as Roe v. Wade. He is NOT a moderate by any stretch of the imagination and based on his past judicial history and avowed statements can (and will) support Trump’s extreme right wing agenda, which is totally out of line with the overwhelming majority of the citizenry and will be a disaster for our country.

  5. There are over 100,000 documents that have been removed from Kavanaugh’s years of working under George Bush. What are they trying to hide! How can we trust anyone who Trump wants on the Supreme Court when we can’t even trust Trump. He’s only interested in promoting his own agenda regardless of who he stomps on.

  6. As an American, I grew up believing that I could trust our government leaders. Today, I am seeing a level of corruption that has not ever been present in the past. President Trump has both embarrassed and horified me. I feel that Brett Kavanaugh, would protect Trump, and not protect animal rights. Please do not vote for Brett Kavanaugh.

  7. No one should be above the law. Who wants supreme court justices advocating that certain people should be? Not me.

  8. Until the end of independent council report, there should not be any federal judge appointment, especially to the Supreme Court. Let alone without making all records available.

    There is enough smoke to impeach and prosecute Trump for obstruction.

  9. All indications are that Kavanaugh will help bring an end to the functining demoracy that the US has been since its’ founding.

  10. Don’t let this illigetimate president place such an extreme right-wing judge on the Supreme Court.

  11. I find it disgraceful that Trump, considering the investigations against
    him, the obvious trail of dishonest associates, ever bit of evidence
    pointing to his corruption, lieing, self serving,dishonest motives, obstruction of justice repeatedly and investigation by the
    the special council, should be allowed to
    select and that his cohorts the Republicans plan on appointing Kavannah!

    Kavannah’s beliefs will move America backwards for several generations.

    Considering the investigations against Trump he should not be allowed to select
    SCOTUS. The selection and confirmation
    should be postponed until the wrap up
    of the Mueller Investigation.

    It’s like letting John Guidi select a SCOTUS!

  12. You do the crime, you do the time. No one is above the law, even when you try to be dictator.

  13. Kavanaugh absolutely should not be confirmed until all investigations of Trump are completed!

  14. The process and politics of his Supreme Court nomination and the consequences of Kavanaugh’s confirmation are more nails in the coffin of our democracy and Constitution.

  15. It’s going to take a nation to stop this man! We alright have a fool in office who believes he can’t be touch. I hope God steps in and fixes all this mess or we’ll be facing another war!

  16. Stop the corruption and do what is best for the American people. You serve US, not the other way around!

  17. Senate Republicans keep demonstrating the only thing they care about is power; not the Constitution, not the country, not their constituents. They must be stopped from the destruction they seem bent on.

  18. A life-long appointment to the Supreme Court — especially at this point in time — is far too important to rush through. Until Mueller has completed (and reported on) his investigation,
    there should be no consideration of the Kavanaugh nomination. A Supreme Court nomination
    needs to include a full and careful assessment of any candidate appointed to serve in this role.

  19. Because the GOP blocked Obama’s appointee through delay tactics in 2016, and the new appointee appears to be selected to protect Trump from potential charges for breaking the law, we need to stop the appointment process until after the midterms, and assure that a new appointee is more impartial in her interpretation of law and jurisprudential practices, like Judge Garland.

  20. We need to make a good choice for Supreme Court representation. We need time to examine more than one option and find someone capable of fairly and justly serving in this role.

  21. Brett Kavanaugh rejects the civil rights and protections and norms that our country fought for from the Civil War until today. He doesn’t deserve to preside over this great nation.

  22. No person being investigated, or even a person of interest in an investigation, has any right to choose their own judge or jury. COMMON SENSE!!

  23. Here’s to the fervent hope that the Senate will Do the Right Thing

  24. The National Archives said it would take until the end of October to provide the documents originally requested by the Judiciary Committee, HOLD THEM TO IT!!!!!!! Then the hearing cannot take place till after the National Archives have finished the job they were requested to do by the Judiciary Committee. As far as I know, they (the Judiciary Committee) can’t request something one day and then another day they don’t need it??? That does not sound legal at this high level and with such vitally important documents. Also, there are so many legal issues ALL around Trump and his enablers???

  25. Stop Kavanaugh from obtaining the votes he needs. Many groups will suffer for decades if the Republicans vote for him!

  26. Please do not vote Kavanaugh in, it is important that women have fair choices to choose medical care, to chose an abortion. It is their body after all. All people need to be treated equally whether their race, culture, sexual orientation, or wealth. Everyone also needs to be punished equally no matter what their status or position in the USA. I don’t see this happening if Kavanaugh is selected.

  27. ALL elected and appointed offices including the Supreme Court must be made to have term limits. The Founding Fathers could not have foreseen the massive abuse of power that the 20th and 21st centuries have produced. Two terms for the Congress and two four year terms for the Supreme Court justices. It was NEVER meant to be a lifetime appointment,, but one given at the end of their careers that allegedly offered balanced political decisions. Now it is a political polarization of progressive versus conservative thinkers. WE MUST STOP THIS ABUSE OF THE SUPREME COURT and term limits would do this. Brett Kavanaugh is not balanced enough in his thinking we must stop this appointment by whatever means.

  28. Stop the appointment by our crooked president!
    We need to be supporting Mueller’s Investigations and stop Trumps Hate!

  29. I don’t think executive power should extend to self-pardoning! That’s just WRONG! Don’t allow the orange slime to King himself!! Has our past not taught us anything? The President should not be above the law.

  30. Succinctly, I yield comment to former President of the United States:

    “No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it.” – Theodore Roosevelt

  31. Well, we are in quite a pickle. Sociopathic Repubs and spineless Dems. My so-call Dem Senator won’t commit to a position on this extremist nominee. With the Dems conspiring against Sanders, I am more and more thinking that there is no appreciable difference (economically) between what we are told are two different parties.

  32. Kavanaugh must not be confirmed. He would be the catalyst of Trump’s fascist government.

  33. this should not go forward. if you really care about the process of nominating a lifetime appointment to the supreme court then all the documents should be released.just like they were for Justice Kagan. if this person is really qualified for the position, there is no need to rush it through. follow the normal process.

  34. Trump ants Kavanaugh in to have this puppet judge increase presidential power. Trump already has too much power, and has wielded it to destroy our efforts to control climate change, to alienate our allies, to open public lands to hunting, deforestation and historic park destruction.

    There is a reason the White House is holding back over 100k of Kavanaugh’s documents. These must be released so that our representatives know the whole story of his judicial history.

    He is the most unpopular candidate for the Supreme Court ever, and there are reasons for this.

  35. We can not allow a spoiled child like Trump to have this kind of power. Next he will be putting up statues of himself.

  36. What’s necessary is a “March on the Senate” that special fiefdom of the guy with the melted face, who runs the Senate and imagines and acts on the belief that he ‘alone’ should decide what is good for the country. McConnel has to go! We have more than our share of individuals in the Federal government who act more like dictators than servants of the people. MARCH ON THE SENATE!


  38. If the lunatic excuse for a potus does not get impeached then this country will surely soon fall into the wayside as it collapses into the abyss of time and be written off as a mistake….

  39. Mr. Kavanaugh is a danger to our democratic process , institutions, and procedures.
    His opinions on our check and balances of government is askew. He must not become a Supreme Court judge.

  40. We the people demand there is no discussion or vote on Brett Kavanaugh until after January 2019. He is a poor choice, he is already prejudiced, won’t prosecute a sitting president even if proved criminal or treasonous, won’t protect the environment, women’s right to choose, same sex marriage both of which are LAW! He is as unfit as this president.

  41. we must stop Donald Trump Supreme Court pick for the Americans people he is not for the Americans just the President and his Policies he we not Protect the investigation so vote No on Kavanaugh he we not stand for Womens Right, so reject him he look out for the President and his Bad Policies.

  42. Mr. Kavanaugh presents a danger to our democracy! He has stated that he believes the POTUS is above the law, untouchable! No! America is not a dictatorship ruled by an untouchable president who can break any law he wants to without any fear of accountability. Placing such an ideologue on the SCOTUS is just another nail in the coffin of democracy. STOP THIS APPOINTMENT at all costs!


  44. I urge any Senator with a conscience to vote against the Kavanaugh nomination!!!!!

  45. The uniqueness and possibly the longivety of our nation depnds on the distribution of responsibility to three entities: Administative, Legislative, and Judicual.

    Allowing any one of the three to assume control over one of the others reduces the entitiies to two.

    There goes the farm! SO KILL IT BEFORE IT STRIKES!!

  46. Based on available information Kavanaugh represents a threat to supreme court function as it has been and should be and specifically a threat to woman and the the concept of freedom of choice , freedom of religion and concept of separation of church and state as well to the working class as well as the the entire middle class. It also represents incorporating too much power and authority to the president, who currently is a clearly mentally unstable delusional person, unqualified for the job who seems to perceive the office more as a democracy. He abhors most important principals upon which this country was founded including order, political and legal norms, precedent, the rule of law and basic principles of democracy and freedoms. This is not a time to increase or embellish presidential powers and authority when such an unstable, dangerous person occupies the white house.

  47. When a demagogue has sufficient support from a base that admires the exercise of nearly unlimited power and is permitted to be above the law – there is no democracy. Kavanaugh believes that a president cannot be indicted.

  48. Kavanaugh would be an unqualified disaster for a court that’s tragically delivered primarily askew, counterproductive decisions. The mere fact he suggests the unanimous US v Nixon ruling was incorrect due to the “political pressure” of the time indicates he’s an activist jurist. We must not confirm judges who employ emotions into their arguments. Oppose Kavanaugh.

  49. We cannot allow Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed. Trump should not have been allowed to choose a nominee while under investigation! He has already caused so much damage to our country and Kavanaugh was chosen so that he will have free reign to continue dealing havoc, untouched! It is just wrong for so many reasons. Nobody is above the law. Nobody!! We have to stop Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation! It will be the end of America as we know and love it! Vote NO!!

  50. We need to stop the President from electing Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court he is a dangerous person and will take years to be able to get our country back to being great again if we allow this to happen, so help stop this from happening. Tell your senators this is not the man for this superior position.

  51. Brett Kavanaugh must not be confirmed to the Supreme Court! He has a very partisan record that is being protected from examination by the GOP but as an aide to the Bush administration he was involved in sanctioning torture and fighting women’s right to medical and reproductive health. He has worked to destroy workers’ rights and union rights; further, he has a record of working against climate preservation. His record indicates he is a partisan right-wing hack without any aspect of honest judicial temperament and he must be kept off the Supreme Court!

  52. Trump has no respect for anyone or anything just to give him the feelin of power over everyone. He needs to be in jail with the rest of his criminal buddies. The power that the republican party has given him in disgusting and could very well be the end of democracy as we know it. I will never vote for a republican again even if that person would be the best for the job. Has trump paid all the republicans to be his “buddies” ??? Please urge the non-republican lovers to vote for a new congress and an honest president. And the start will be voting against his choice for Supreme court.

  53. Letting trump continue as president is giving him the right to declare himself dictator of America. His Supreme Court is choice of a perfect choice to set the court in his favor no matter what the correct verdict should be. I cannot stand looking at him, hearing his lies, his being disrespectful to any person who will not agree with him, never taking the blame for his stupid acts, it is always someone, not him who is to blame. His choice is perfect to hand the court to trump. Stop him from attaining this position.

  54. The comments and opinions that Judge Kavanaugh has expressed in the past regarding presidential power suggests that the President has unlimited power and does not have to comply with the rule of law. Since most Americans believe that no one is above the law, it is absolutely necessary that our elected Senators be allowed to review all government documents that would clarify Judge Kavanaugh’s judgements and views of presidential power and other controversial issues that must be decided by the Supreme Court.

    The fact that President Trump is under investigation for possible obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and possible high crimes and misdemeanors by conspiring with a foreign power makes the selection of a Supreme Court Justice by this President at this time particularly important. An approved appointee for the Court may have to decide Mr. Trump’s ultimate fate regarding likely legal issues such as subpoenas and appeals along the way to possible impeachment. Judge Kavanaugh has on several occasions questioned the lack of limits that should be placed on presidential power as well previous decisions that have been considered settled law long ago decided by the Supreme Court. Views contained in government records compiled during Judge Kavanaugh’s long judicial and government service during the Bush administration needs close scrutiny, especially with regard to presidential power and established law. To approve Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment without review of all the available documents and before the conclusion of The Russia Investigation reveals what role Mr. Trump may have played with regard to meddling with the 2016 election seems fool hardy and unfair to the American people. The selection of a Supreme Court Judge has long-lasting consequences since a Judge serves on the Court for the remainder of his life. Why rush this through approval since the Court operated a full year without a 9th Judge. The only reason I can think of is a political one to protect Mr. Trump and to appoint a Judge who will likely promote the Trump agenda. Please reel yourself in, Mr. McConnell

    • It seems that my civics lessons were different from his. In an authoritarian government, the king is above the law. WE ARE A REPUBLIC! In a Republic, by definition, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

  55. Such unmitigated disrespect for the rule of law, is not only unprecedented by this administration, but the arrogance displayed goes beyond the contemptuous behavior that is readily apparent.

  56. Brett Kavanaugh is the embodiment of an unjust judge! He should not be confirmed and no confirmation hearing should take place. He cannot and must not be confirmed!!! He’s Trump’s get out of jail free card!!!

  57. McConnell helped Trump steal a Supreme Court seat. This gang of thieves does not deserve the power they have, much less any more.

  58. That an official (such as a president) who has been implicated under oath in a felony should still have the privilege of nominating a Supreme Court justice is absurd. It is still more absurd when the nominee may well sit in judgment on that official and has already written that a sitting president should not be indicted.

  59. No more conservatives on the supreme court or any of my other courts.

  60. This administration had proven itself corrupt, self-serving, illegal at every level & under federal investigation. They have NO right to be making LIFETIME appointments when in all likelihood, they will facing impeachment very soon. It’s not a risk this country can afford to take.

  61. I think this entire nomination is suspect. Kennedy decides to retire at the perfect moment. Just in time to confirm someone new before the midterms. As an aside, we find out there is a connection between Donald Trump and Kennedy’s son who works at Deutsch Bank. Then the selection of a close Kennedy protege as his successor. Someone who has views on presidential authority and power that could lead one to strongly believe he will vote to shield the president from both a subpoena and an indictment should they be necessary. Then the lawyer chosen to cull the papers that represent Kavanaugh’s work during the Bush administration is also a protege of Justice Kennedy. Very cozy so far and the papers being withheld may be the very ones we need most to see. And perhaps also the ones relating to torture during the Bush years. This nomination should be thoroughly investigated and put off until after the election. Remember Merrick Garland? This is a lifetime appointment that will affect every American and it should not be pushed through in this underhanded way.

  62. Trump is very possibly an illegitimate president. He should have no opportunity to appoint a lifetime justice to our highest court, until we know all the facts about the 2016 election. Additionally, we must have all of Kavanagh’s paperwork prior to considering him, and it should only be after the mid-term elections, at the very least.

  63. You cant pick your own jury. You must be held accountable for any crimes you may have committed. Your are not above the law. Brett Kavanaugh does not seem to subscribe to this position.

  64. The thought of ANY President with unlimited power is terrifying. That’s why the Founding Fathers created Congress and the Supreme Court, to provide checks and balances. The President is NOT above the law, sitting or retired. The President is NOT immune to prosecution. The presidency is not the same as being the head of a corporation, and the powers inherent in one are not accorded to the other.

  65. Kavanaugh must be stopped. There should be no nominee until the investigation is done. He will have the taint of a felonious & treasonous President on him.

  66. Dear Senators, Sept 3, 2018
    Is our democracy slipping away? This week a new poll was released that found that 71% of Americans believe that Roe v. Wade should not be overturned. I write to you today to implore you to think long and hard about the damage that will be done to women (“… most impacted [will be] the immigrant women already under siege, low-income women, women of color, transgender and queer women,” NYT, 7/1/18 “Bulwark Against Abortion Ban…”?), their health, their families, and our country, if Roe v. Wade is overturned. I remember the dirty abortions performed by quack doctors in back rooms. Women died or became marred with infections causing lasting damage to their bodies. I am incensed thinking that we could possibly return to those awful times once again because of this Justice appointment. Further, this empowerment allows a majority of men to determine what women can do with their bodies. And Brett Kavanaugh is on the record putting road blocks to Jane Doe’s right to access abortion. This is an issue of the utmost importance about a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her own body.
    Trump’s appointment of the next Justice for the Supreme Court has other ramifications as well. His new appointment, along with Justice Gorsuch, will be involved in cases concerning the Special Counsel’s investigations. This smacks of court packing and implies a conflict of interest with a president that has an ulterior motive to protect himself. It is possible that these new Justices will be involved with questions like: Can a sitting president be forced to testify before a Grand Jury? Can a president pardon himself to save himself or his family? Can the president stop this investigation? Thus, my fear is that the president will seek out a loyalist Justice to avoid being held to account regarding any potential charges. Is our democracy slipping away?
    During your deliberation, please consider how Donald J. Trump won. When he was running for office, he invited the Russians to illegally hack into Hillary R. Clinton’s email. Mr. Trump’s son and campaign manager met with foreign emissaries to gain dirt on Hillary Clinton. When it was discovered the Russians had hacked into voter registrations data bases, hacked emails, used bots, and impostors to manipulate voters spreading lies and deception through Facebook and Twitter, Trump’s subordinates were involved. When President Obama approached Senator McConnell asking for his support to inform the American public of Russian voter manipulation tactics, McConnell refused to consent. Also recall that FBI Director Comey, a Republican, exercised his discretion to share with the American public, against the advice of the Justice Department, 10 days before the election that the FBI was opening up an investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer. All these dirty tricks chipped away at support for Hillary Clinton. These tactics not only gave us a controversial president, but threatens our democracy because he doesn’t represent the majority of the country. Please remember that President Trump did not win the popular vote, but in fact lost the popular vote by 3+ million votes. Tactics like these undermine our freedom of presidential choice
    Is our democracy slipping away when there is the big money factor pouring in from the Koch Brothers, the Judicial Crisis Network, (which pledged $10 million to win confirmation for Justice Neil Gorsuch last year), Americans for Prosperity, which said it’s “prepared to commit seven figures,” the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony Fund, Heritage Action and others to influence the President’s choice? What chance does the common person have against excessive wealth?
    That is where our senators are vital. We need you to speak up for the good of the majority of Americans. Is Roe v. Wade’s reversal good for the country? Are loyalist judicial appointments, influenced by big money and bias, good for the country?
    Because of love for the people of this country and the reasons stated, I ask you to protect our democracy when you cast your vote for judicial appointment for the United States Supreme Court. This will have decades of ramifications.
    Carol E. Davis

  67. Dems need to delay the nomination with all the charges against most of Trump’s buddies!

  68. This may well be our last opportunity from having our nation devolve into a feudal plutocratic, corporatocracy. Far too many have fought and died to defend our democracy and the way of life that we all cherish. I, along with millions of others have served in the defense of the nation that we all love so well. Many have died in her defense; we cannot allow our nation to become simply another banana republic, or tinpot dictatorship. A uniform is not required to act in her defense, only the will, and determination to ” protect her against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

  69. I urge you to reject Brett Kavanaugh for the US supreme court. His views are too extreme.

  70. Please stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation. He would be a terrible choice for Democracy.

  71. We don’t need Ken Starr, Jr. on the Supreme Court! Especially in these corrupt times. What’s in the 100,000 pages of documents. We’re living through Watergate II.

  72. I feel that by electing Kavanaugh to the supreme court seat would just facilitate an escape route for President Trump to use when the indictments, subpoena’s, impeachment, etc., etc. come down! He will definitely throw Mr. Trump a get out of jail free card.

  73. Every nominee should go through the same process with no shortcuts.
    A post for life candidate is a serious duty. No partisanship should be allowed !

  74. Trump chose Kavanaugh for one reason only–to save himself. This appointment is craven and will have vast, deleterious consequences for our country. Kavanaugh is also anti-gay rights, which directly affects people I know. He also opposes a woman’s rights to chose (which is perfectly fine with the Sexist in Chief). In fact, most of Trump’s appointees to anything are unfit for their jobs but then, so is Trump.

  75. Kavanaugh doesn’t sound like an attorney – he sounds like a consigliere to a Mafia boss

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