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Tuesday Tip: How to reject Trump’s dystopian effort to text every American

We have recently learned that the Trump administration plans to force a “Presidential Alert” to nearly every cell phone in America as part of the new FEMA emergency alert system, which is in addition to alerts for “Imminent Threats to Life and Property” and “AMBER Alerts.”

Though this “Presidential Alert” category of emergency message precedes Trump, it is especially unsettling and disturbing at a moment when a clearly unstable authoritarian is in control of the White House. I personally don’t want any member of this administration, especially not Trump, communicating with me through my phone, and I know you don’t want Trump communicating with you, either.

Here at CREDO, we are 100% against the idea of this administration having direct access to our CREDO Mobile members in this way. If there is any way to abuse this system, we know Trump and his corrupt associates will find it.

Here’s what we know: according to FEMA, all major mobile carriers are participating in this new Wireless Emergency Alerts program. Since CREDO Mobile service is provided through these major carriers, we are unable to prevent the emergency message test. We have asked our carrier partners for the ability to control this functionality and will continue to escalate our requests.

Currently, members can opt out of all message types with the exception of the presidential alerts. We understand there will be an initial test of the presidential alert system on October 3, 2018 at 2:18 pm EDT and 2:20 pm EDT. The FEMA site confirms the details as we understand them today.

What can you do? Join us in protesting by turning off your phone during the alert.

Presidential Alert message tests are currently scheduled for:
October 3, 2018 at 2:18 pm EDT and 2:20 pm EDT and will broadcast for ~30 minutes.

This administration has been overt about its racism, xenophobia, misogyny and corruption and I know that for many of us this message and test is unwanted, intrusive and potentially triggering.

Please know that we stand with you and your progressive values at CREDO and we are fighting the authoritarian practices of this administration in everything we do. If we have further updates, you’ll be able to find them here on our blog. And in the meantime, please know that we are doing everything we can to extract our members from this test.

What can you do? Join us in protesting by turning off your phone during the alert and by sharing this message with your friends.

224 Comments on “Tuesday Tip: How to reject Trump’s dystopian effort to text every American

    • Here is the text from FEMA: “Cell towers will broadcast the WEA test for approximately 30 minutes beginning at 2:18 p.m. EDT. During this time, WEA compatible cell phones that are switched on, within range of an active cell tower, and whose wireless provider participates in WEA should be capable of receiving the test message. Some cell phones will not receive the test message, and cell phones should only receive the message once.”

      2:18 pm EDT / 11:18 am PDT.

      Hope this is helpful.

    • Thank you for the notification. I will share this with several of my acquaintances who I know feel the same. I will also turn off my phone on the third of October. I have no desire to hear from this mad man who aspires to be king. It is disgusting enough to turn one’s TV on and discover him as an interloper on every station besmirching your the private space and the tranquility while blathering and spewing forth lies and misrepresentations of his imagined deeds. I would deem it much worse to hear his dreadful voice rambling utter nothingness about his greatness over my cell phone. This has been the longest 2 years in my existence. My only solution to this problem will be to turn off the cell, as advised and vote. I have voted early and urge my fellow citizens to do so also. God preserve our democracy!

      • I have voted early and hope that most people will do the same! This incompetent evil man must be defeated. And, yes, I will turn off my phone!

      • Wonderfully well said. I’d say you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth, except your are much better.

      • I agree and have turned off the emergency alert on my phone!
        I refuse any communications with the bully in the White House.

    • I just heard on World News tonight, that it’s going to be at 2:18pm on tomorrow.

    • Thank you for this information. I will NOT listen to the d__b st___p.

    • I don’t want to hear any message from that racist, lying POS Tangerine Tyrant. All he does is lie. He doesn’t care about minorities, that is, women, Blacks, Mexicans, Muslins, and any other categories of people that are not White.

      Therefore, my cell phone will not be on to receive that liar’s nauseating lie. He is not worthy to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

      I will be so glad when he takes his criminal family back to New
      York. All they have done is make money off the backs of American taxpayers.

    • Wonder if typing “STOP” would take you off the list, as it does other texts

    • The 11:15 AM time, is Pacific time. (3 minutes before the test)
      2:18 Eastern time is the time of the test.
      They were using both time zones as examples.
      Your response should be based on your location.

    • I saw the same thing! Which time is it because I really don’t want to hear anymore than I have to from Trump! Please please get the time straight. Thanks!

  1. My parents left Musselini’s Italy behind, but not so they’d have to endure another 2-bit (23 cent change) narcissistic would-be dictator — and the overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens – and the overwhelming citizens of our world! – will also – overwhelmingly – reject this mentally diseased aberration to our species and his equally sick regime.

    • I get it! SO many pictures of Trump have reminded me so much of Mussolini!!!

    • So grateful to hear other people who “get it,” I’ve lost faith in our people,,,the ones who voted him in, who ignore lies, adulteries, false witness, manipulations, and still do, on a daily basis. I don’t know what’s wrong with our people, but it’s so gratifying to hear someone intelligently say it without using “fighting” words and more incivilities. As previously said, God save our country!

    • Hear hear. He is a studied — by which I mean carefully matched copy — of Benito Mussolini, down to his pouty lip, arms crossed, and fake declarations of courage (of which he has none). It will take awhile for the nation to recuperate from this malevolent microbe.

    • My lovely neighbor left Germany and headed to Mexico when the Nazi’s were in full gear. She ended up in New Mexico. Fast Forward…we all ask her to let us know when it’s time to get out of the USA!!

  2. ok. I will do so. Thanks for the feedback. I am in against the dictatorship in America. I SAY NO TO AMERICAN DICTATORSHIP actions.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the way this a$$ continues his attacks on us. I will be forwarding this communication to my friends!

  4. I hear you and ALL our phones will be turned off during that time.

    The worst disaster to this countr6 and the world already happened on November 9, 2016!

  5. This is an unnecessary invasion of my privacy! If there is any way to “ opt out”, that’s what I would like to do!!!

  6. I don’t want anything from this president or this administration. I hate trump and everything about him and his family and those surrounding him.

  7. DO NOT force your messages to my cell phone I DO NOT want to pay for your idiot messages NOT MY PRESIDENT.. NOT MY CHOICE in presidents. NOT WILLING TO ACKNOWLEDGE OR AGREE WITH YOUR METHODS TO COMMUNICATE WITH ME.. GO AWAY…and take idiots Pence and Ryan with you..

  8. Our phones will be off and I will share this idea with others.

  9. Thanks for sending this email. I had know idea this was happening. I agree, I really don’t want to participate in the orange ones forced text.

  10. I can’t believe the government is invading my privacy when I have nothing to invite them

  11. I DO NOT want the orange buffoon contacting me under ANY circumstances!

  12. Won’t the alert just pop up once my phone is turned back on, just like any other text that is sent while my phone is off?

    • Yes, mine did. I then got a text referencing Newt, Karl Rove, etc. asking me to help protect Trump’s majority.

  13. It’s bad enough that we have to put up with the abomination in the White House, so I cannot tolerate any form of contact from that con artist in the privacy of my home.

  14. This is too Orwellian. Bad enough we have to see his ugly mug on TV every time we turn on the news but this? I’m fine with EAS, WEATHER AND Amber Alerts to let me know what’s going on. This is a total invasion of privacy.

    • I agree i will shut my phone off
      October 3 from 2pm-3pm
      The vp tried to friend me on Twitter i told him i don’t friend ass,s .
      Vote Beto!!!.

  15. Good idea. It would help us who don’t live in the Eastern states to have the correct times to turn off as well.

  16. I, for the last 8 years have lived in a red state. Yesterday, I was caught up in the Horror of a tRUMP visit to the relatively small city I live in, Johnson City, TN. Pop. 90K+. It was one of the most other worldly experiences I’ve ever lived through. I was already planning on ‘turning off’ and now I will shout it out to my social world.

  17. I don’t want tRump to EVER have access to my phone. As far as I know we do not live in a police state……yet!

  18. This is a another step in government control of our lives. It is unconscionable that the would be dictator is moving more and more to gain absolute power.

  19. Under no circumstances do I want to hear from trump! I don’t believe anything he says and I do not trust him or any of his administration.

  20. I do not want to receive any messages from Trump. I will turn my phone off in unity.

  21. Turn off your phones on Oct 3rd from 2:10-2:20, if you dont want to listen to an outbound message from “old yella hair’ to all.
    He us forcing an email alert for his political agenda.

  22. Please Tell communist dictator Drumpf to send his text messages to his buddy Putin!
    Funny how much damage one man can do in a short period of time!

  23. Thank you so much, Credo, for all you do on our behalf. The idea that this president can invade my life even more than he already does is a sobering thought. Mr. Orwell might have some insight. 1984 is here.

  24. I will turn follow your advice and turn my phone off, but what else can I do? Can I put a block on it like most texts I don’t want? This could get very annoying.

    I feel if there’s an emergency in my area I’ll get alerts from commercial sites. I’d rather have a site dedicated to real emergency situations that I can opt in to.

  25. Another terrible, invasive idea from a corrupt administration. Vote them out in November.

  26. Thank you for this. I hadn’t heard about it. The last thing I want is a text from that immoral dictator. I will turn off. Thank you for the important work you do.

  27. Thank you for this information. I’ll also tell my kid to tell his friends.

  28. There is only one headline I ever want to see about “Asshole” Donald Trump, and that is: TRUMP IMPEACHED, FOUND GUILTY OF TREASON AND SENTENCED TOO LIFE AT HARD LABOR WITHOUT OPTION OF PAROLE. Now that would be JUSTICE for the American People!

  29. I have teens with cell phones. The idea that any person, let alone this person, can send an unblockable message to them, makes me sick to my stomach.

    In a real emergency, any one of a number of emergency government agencies would be far better equipped to send information to cell users than the president. In a real emergency, the president’s focus should be on high level decisions.

    The fact that this is a presidential alert rather than an emergency system alert means the intent is not for emergencies, it is for propaganda.

    This is the kind of thing that happens in a dictatorship.

    • Kendra Hoffman:
      “The fact that this is a presidential alert rather than an emergency system alert means the intent is not for emergencies, it is for propaganda.
      This is the kind of thing that happens in a dictatorship.”

      Well said!

  30. What time for Pacific daylight time? Also it’s difficult to read your message because it is too light. Think about your elders!

  31. I don’t understand what good turning the phone off will do. Once you turn it back on it’ll show up. Plus how will the government know your phone is off. This is not preventing anything.

  32. I don’t want him or anyone who thinks like him even knowing my phone #

  33. The president should not have that power, no matter who he is. This is an opportunity for him to spread his messages. I protest that ability. I will turn my phone off!

  34. I agree Trump is an “unstable authoritarian” and his administration “has been overt about its racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and corruption”, but I am not afraid of a text.

    I browse Trumps’ tweets and move on.

    I will browse the Presidential Alert then delete it. No big deal.

    Hopefully this Alert System is not costing taxpayers billions. Perhaps in the future we will get useful texts and it will be money well spent. I’m cautiously optimistic.

  35. Do not want to hear from this Dictator. He does not own this country like he thinks he does.

  36. Agreed.
    I do not want Tex messages from anyone in the Trump Administration.

  37. According to FEMA, the test will last approximately 30 minutes and during that time “cell phones that are switched on, within range of an active cell tower, and whose wireless provider participates in WEA should be capable of receiving the test message.” So leave it off till 3 PM!

  38. This is a terrible violation of my civil rights. It confirms my fear that Trump will not leave office when he loses in 2020 or if impeached. He’s a madman dictator.

  39. “Heel spur” Trump is a coward and a charlatan, and he should not be allowed to abuse the national alert system for his own selfish reasons.

  40. How dare this so called President make unwanted calls. This man is not stable or smart but more like Stalin. I will block all calls and texts that I do not want.

  41. I think it speaks highly of your company to take a stand against the #45 administration and stand for what is right for the MAJORITY of Americans.

  42. I believe the alert system, itself, has value. I prefer a “wait and see” in regards to how it is used.

  43. As much as is possible, I avoid ANY direct messages of ANY sort eminating from Trump and/or the known Trumpians. I’ll participate in the ‘Turn Trump Off’ action tomorrow.

  44. Thank you with your help with this I have no interest in receiving any messages from this ego driven Bonehead!!!!

  45. I feel invaded by, offended by and assaulted by someone I have not invited nor given permission to reach me via my phone!!

  46. The last thing in the world that I want is Trump to access my phone. Ick! I’d rather not know about a pending disaster than have the Trump disaster inside my phone.

  47. The timing for this is “conveniently” close to the mid-term elections and could sway voters. It will no doubt be abused by Trump and his associates not only this time but in the future.

  48. Is there a way from never hearing this president on our cell phones even after we do this step??

    Wish they would impeach him

  49. We need to stop this tyrant and authoritarian from using our national communication systems for his own purposes. He needs to be impeached and put on trial for his traitorous and criminal behavior, and that of his crime family.

  50. I did not know that this was scheduled to happen. Thank you for the information! I will be turning off my phone and joining in this protest!! #RESIST

  51. Donald Trump, I DO NOT want to hear from you. You may currently be the 45th president of the United States, but you will NEVER be my president. The presidential emergency alert is valid and valuable in the right hands, but those could never be yours. You’re too self-interested and unbridled to be in control of such a system. I’m intending to turn my phone off any and every time you contact me for any reason.

    • Here is the text from FEMA: “Cell towers will broadcast the WEA test for approximately 30 minutes beginning at 2:18 p.m. EDT. During this time, WEA compatible cell phones that are switched on, within range of an active cell tower, and whose wireless provider participates in WEA should be capable of receiving the test message. Some cell phones will not receive the test message, and cell phones should only receive the message once.”

      2:18 pm EDT is 11:18 am PDT.

      We hope this is helpful.

  52. Thank you, CREDO for taking these steps. This authoritarian monster in the White House most likely has some ulterior motive with this “Presidential Alert” BS. Just another way for his corrupt and unethical administration to find a way to creep into the privacy of every American. Thank you again. Since your initial beginning as Working Assets, I have supported your efforts by being a subscriber to your services, and I will continually do so.

  53. Thank you CREDO for all you do. Please keep up a vigorous fight against this issue.

  54. Thanks for the heads up. My phone will be off. Thanks for the great work you do, too.

  55. Thank you. I have no interest in being contacted by that Orange Con man.

  56. Let me say first: I hate Trump’s guts as much as anybody. But your response to this alert is over the top, demonstrably wrong, and actually dangerous.

    This text is part of the Emergency Alert System, which has existed in various forms since the early 50s, including the old Emergency Broadcast System, and has been upgraded for the wireless era through various acts of Congress over the last decade. The system is used mainly for local alerts now (Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, weather warnings, etc), but it still retains its original purpose from the Cold War–to permit the country’s leadership to send emergency information to the population all at once. Although the world has changed a lot since the early 50s, the usefulness of this function should still be somewhat understandable.

    The fact is that a presidential alert, which we’re going to receive this week, is not something any president can send unilaterally. This is due in part to the 2015 act, in which the GOP majority in Congress codified anti-Obama paranoia into law by limiting the president’s authority to activate emergency systems. The message we’ll all receive tomorrow will labeled as a presidential alert with some boilerplate script, most likely with no direct participation from Trump at all. It will resemble an Amber Alert.

    Cell phone providers participate voluntarily in the Wireless Emergency Alert system. So Credo actually has the right to opt out as a company, although that would opt users out of Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, and weather warnings, too–which I presume your users find useful and valuable. Snce you’ve opted in, you have a responsibility to know what you’re talking about, but based on this post, you simply don’t.

    Let me say again: I am pretty sure nobody could hate Trump and the GOP more than I do. And I have no doubt that Trump would look fondly on a system that lets him inflict his idiocy on people who otherwise manage to avoid him. But he won’t be able to do that with this system. For you to proliferate the idea that he can is irresponsible.

  57. I will be turning off my phone! I don’t want this administration to invade my space under this thinly guided veil of emergency alerts! I don’t trust this administration, I especially don’t trust trump!

    • I will have my phone OFF tomorrow and will keep it off all day. I don’t want this Adolf Hitler wannabe in my phone. If we I have alerts from FEMA, Disaster Alert, and Red Cross( I think) why do we need this thing squawking at us? I don’t need this uneducated ranting pig screeching into my ear (or eyes) thank you!

  58. I would sooner relinquish my cell phone altogether than receive text alerts from that moron.

  59. I personally resent any intrusion of my privacy, and am not amenable to this methodology of forced intrusion. I have radios, televisions, and live in a community very adept at notifying it’s residents of any emergency. There is no reason, other than that of an authoritarian groups unsupported efforts to prove it can intrude on the privacy of it’s citizens. Next, I will expect a recorded message asking that I vote for Trump in 2020. At that point, I may revert to the telegraph for future communication!!!!

  60. Thank you! I want nothing from him but a hasty exit from the Wh. I will spread your message to everyone I can.

  61. While the idea of being able to get legitimate information out to citizens has great merit, I believe it also has great potential for misuse. I do not trust the current corrupt lying bastard in the White House to not misuse this ability. Therefore, I am against it. Even if I trusted him, I think the potential for misuse is too high. It’s too invasive and there are other ways of getting the information out.

  62. the last I knew this country was not a dictatorship and trump was not the god-sent dictator. I am afraid we will end up in complete disarray with no respect from our longtime allies who are laughing at trump and his lies but at the same time are plagued with wariness because he has the ability to use atomic bombs on anyone who, according to him, are not adoring him or believing him.

    I hope the young people of this country rise up, register to vote and do vote in mass ejecting the thirty year or more congressmen to be replaced with term congress people who will work together with all the congress people for the good of the country.

    The republicans have used this country for their party not for the people.

  63. Hitler used radio to interject Nazi propaganda into people’s homes. This scheduled text message is less a test of an emergency alert system, which NYC already has, than a test of Trump’s plan to do the same.

  64. He does not have the right to hijack my phone. No now, not ever.
    Only in time of war

  65. I thought that this was hyperbolic B.S. until I independently googled FEMA’s website.

    UGH! I am with you in boycotting this overstepping by the administration! I am also sending your email to everyone that I know.


  66. Thank you for the information. Not only will I turn off my phone, but share this information with Everyone I know or who is on my contact list

    This mentally unstable man and his cronies/supporters must be STOPPED!

  67. I’ve been blocking and Spammed every “presidential” E-mail I do get. I do it since I do not like the Russian’s choice in our Nation’s White House. The ‘man’ irritates me with his continual petulance and neediness to be controlling everyone. Yes, I will turn off my phone. I still hold all the “Family Values Republicans” fully accountable, and I Vote, for the damage they’ve done to our Nation and the World. Please use this since I feel strongly, and care about what may happen due to his capability to start yet another War.

  68. Won’t the alert just come through when we turn our phones back on?

    And who knows WTF that jerk/administration will do while we have our phones off!

  69. Please tell us how to opt out. I believe this is the beginning of his propaganda machine.

  70. Do not want any text from president chaos. Every time I listen to him he says NOTHING. And his disrespect to woman reporters is disturbing, pathetic ,rude and unconscionable. My phone will be off.

  71. Sickening megalomaniacal demagoguery! Herr Trump is a malignant tumor growing on us in the mirror image of Shitler of the 1930s.

    Drastic action is called for, but I fear the vast majority of the American public is either too meek, cowardly, and complacent to rise to the challenge, or is complicit with this hideous fascist agenda. Like Germany of yesteryear, we may be in for a terrible “ride.”

    RADICAL SURGERY NOW, else die with this cancerous regime. DEPOSE TRUMP, by whatever means necessary!

  72. Seems like all that would do is delay message delivery until the phone is powered back on again.
    Is that wrong ?
    Are alerts not handled like SMS (and will not persist until delivered) ?
    What will it accomplish ?
    Does the sender get a reduced count of successful deliveries ?

  73. Thank you; i’m grateful for the heads up. I do not want that horrible man having access to my cell phone. I will surely turn off my phone. I resent the interruption of my day.

  74. Nothing Trump does is for our benefit. He is an egomaniac with severe mental disorders which make him a danger to our country and common decency and ethical government. I will turn my phone off as a protest against the man and all who support him.

  75. I am appalled by the presidential test plan, particularly given the proclivities of this president and administration. Too often (all the time) Mr. Trump has used the media to distort fact and create division. The presence of a method designed to reach all US citizens in an emergency is a worthy technique. However, Mr Trump has shown that he is not interested in any form of public action for the public good. His only focus is on himself and aggrandizing his works. Why should we assume this will be any different? Though I doubt turning off the phones for that brief period will have any impact, I will do so.

    We need another way of telling Mr. Trump that this propaganda effort is not what the system was designed to do.

  76. Thank you for this alert. I find this intrusion problematic under any Administration and especially so with the current one which stands against most values and principles which I believe in. I plan to turn off all phones at the expected time of transmission.

  77. Will turning off phone disable his imposed text messages??

  78. I turn the TV off or change the channel every time Trump or members of his administration come on. It is because they are so full of fake news which means all they do is lie. They discussed me. I do not want to be forced to take messages on my cell phone or listen to his garbage.

  79. I’m sorry, but I think this is a stupid & pointless response to what is nothing but an Emergency Alert System test, similar to the ones that every broadcast station in the country is required to run every week. In this particular case, it’s a test of the system’s ability to originate a message at the highest level & have it reach people. The system will presumably still be in place when the orange abomination is history, so how about we agree that it’s a good idea to make sure that it actually works.
    Put your (our) energy into getting those kids out of detention camps, or fighting the administration’s attempts to negate environmental protections, not pointless protests against a friggin’ test message.

  80. This is unacceptable. This is an abuse of Executive Branch power and must be addressed.

  81. Russian puppet should not be able to act like a dictator in America

  82. Trump has been ruining America since he sat in the White House with the obvious assistance of the Republican Congress, FOX, and their uneducated stupid supporters !!! Wake up America! Do you want a freak selfish lying President to run the country now and for future generations? Do you want your tax monies to continuously be wasted on Trump’s family and friends till your own monies run out? And do you want a LIAR like Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court? Then America is doomed!!!

  83. I never want to hear from this unbalanced power hungry misogynist.

  84. How will this help? The texts will still show up after we turn our phone on again later! What will this accomplish? Why has this not been in the news or in previous notifications? It sounds like an illegal tracking of Americans everywhere, since they literally will be able to track anyone with a cellphone now. How can we really fight this?

  85. This feels invasive, but also smacks of something dystopian and authoritarian , like from the sci-fi novel, 1984. I don’t need his propaganda, and I fear how it could manipulate other people’s thinking. Hell no. We don’t need a “dear leader”. I shudder how he will use this direct access to us.

  86. It is “incredible” how deceiving our current Whitehouse resident can be toward the American people. I pray that “good”, “true” Americans realize his deep troubling lies are not worthy “a single red cent” to have any belief in them. He is truly the “next” Hitler dictator; stop him before it is too late.

  87. Excellent idea – I shall relay this message to family, friends, and people in organzations to which I belong.

  88. The Trump insanity has gone on, and Allowed, for way too long. This type of stupidity I would expect from countries like China and North Korea, but I would never would image that ANY American citizen on American soil would allow this type of harassment, insanity, and stupidity to continue for this long.

    Get the Lying, Insane Trump OUT, as well as his brown-nosing Toadies, and his “family”! None of these Creatures have the Right to govern anything for the People of the United States! ENOUGH! WE NEVER ASKED FOR THIS, AND WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

  89. No way do I want this administratiom, OR ANY OTHER, to have the ability to address me by message directly. I have radio for emergencies AND THAT’S ENOUGH!

    Personally, I plan to disable all the message functions on my phone tomorrow and also have it implied and off. If necessary, I will disable the phone itself.

  90. Yes, I will turn off my phone…hopefully this action will have an impact on T

  91. Your message says 2:19 pm EDT. But, the FEMA page says the 30 minute broadcast will begin at 2:18 pm EDT.

  92. Thank you for this message. I am more than happy to participate.

  93. A presidential alert system is ridiculous and possibly unconstitutional. Not for me. I request carriers not accept participation in Trump’s plan.

  94. I also do not trust the President in regards to his use of a national alert system via phone. But i do not understand how turning my phone off will have any effect on his actions. How will he know what people are doing? For that matter, maybe he will track those of us who have turned our phones off!

  95. POTUS sayings this is an alert to warn all. I can see him now using it as a vehicle to get his personal messages and agenda out to everyone anytime he feels like it. I already avoid his talks, his tweets (so glad I am not on Twitter), and just about any time he opens his mouth.

  96. If the president was only putting out a statement of war, it could be useful, but we know better than that. So my phone will be off.
    I have long said that we’re going the way of the dictator and he sounds more like Hittler every day.

  97. I don’t want President Trump or any other politician contacting me on my cell phones. Robo-Calls are already dominating my phone service. I don’t want that damn fool Trump any where near my phone service.

  98. OMG!! Absolutely NOT. Under no circumstances do I wish to receive a message of any kind from the presidient of the United States. Certainly not this one, but no other one either!

  99. I DEFINITELY don’t want to hear from that pompous moron! He’s nothing but a racist crook!! I will be turning my phone off!!!

  100. If I receive a text from the pussy grabber, there may not be a way to sanitize my phone enough for me to feel comfortable using it. I believe NOTHING that comes out of his foul mouth (or that he tweets or texts).

  101. My phone will be turned off and I am telling all my friends.

  102. I will definitely turn off my phone. Who does Trump think he is as he continues to abuse things about our Democracy?

  103. This is not going to produce much of anything beneficial… the texts will be delivered to the network who handles the service for the phone that is turned off. There, the message will be queued for delivery once the phone is available again. Therefore, the sender will not see any delay at all on their end, and the message will still come through when you turn your phones back on. What is this going to accomplish?

  104. I have no problem having Trump text anytime he wants to. He is my president whether or not I agree with him. He HAS done some significant things. We may disagree on some issues – so what. Turning off your phones seems childish to me. No telling what he may text! We are all perfect or none of us are. I believe history will treat him more fairly than the main stream media et al.

  105. I am a big supporter of CREDO’s justice efforts, and a Trump hater for sure–and I highly value my phone privacy! BUT, I think it’s important to note that the point of this test, as described on the FEMA website, is to test emergency alert capabilities. As it says on that site, even the “Presidential Alert” must be activated by FEMA (see below), so “Trump texting us all” randomly seems pretty unlikely!

    “Why is a Presidential Alert being used for the WEA test?
    The title “Presidential Alert” has its historical roots in the Emergency Alert System and its predecessor, the Emergency Broadcast System. The actual event code is Emergency Action Notification or EAN.

    Who would send a Presidential Alert?
    In the event of a national emergency, a Presidential WEA alert would be issued at the direction of the President and/or his/her designee, and activated by FEMA.”

  106. Mine will be turned off. FEMA says it will be illegal for trump to use it to send personal propaganda….oops, I mean messages. Since when has being “illegal” stopped him? Honestly, I wouldn’t spit on trump if he was on fire!

  107. I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is a German living in the United States. He is a well educated ordained minister, and well traveled as well. He said the United States is traveling down the same road that Germany did in the 1930’s and the 1940’s. I don’t want any part of it, and do not want to receive any form of any message from this man or his cohorts. He frightens me to the point that I have considered selling all I own and leaving the country, but in my situation, it is impossible.
    It’s not that it is an “emergency alert” system, but this is up to FEMA, MEMA, Homeland Security, and other emergency services, not this man. It should be a choice of the individual as to weather they want to receive the alerts or not. This could have been a useful thing, but not in the hands of the present White House administration. I am truely offended and frightened by it. It is homeland Security’s job, not Trump’s. He has nor does he respect any part of the constitution of the United States. He might as well use is for bathroom tissue the way he treats it.

  108. Das Furher Trump and his SS need to GO AWAY. They are leading our country into fascism and have all sold themselves to the devil. This is just one more example of them trying to worm their way into our most private lives. STAY OUT TRUMP.


  110. I turned my phone off, but message came through after turning back on. Shortly thereafter, I received a text urging me to support he Trump majority. Newr, Karl Rove were mentioned. I’ve never gotten GOP texts before as I am a Democrat.

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