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Why CREDO is fighting for a just and fair transition

Why CREDO is fighting for a just and fair transition

As we push for a world powered by 100% renewable energy sources, where fossil fuels remain in the ground and we fight to slow the devastating effects of climate change, it’s important that we not allow the burden of transitioning from dirty to clean sources to fall disproportionately on the workers and communities who have been a part of our former energy economy.

That’s why CREDO is fighting for a just, fair and equitable transition, where we, not only power the planet with renewable and sustainable sources, but we also provide workers and their families with a sustainable path forward in a new economy without fossil fuels.

Low-income communities and communities of color are already disproportionately impacted by the fossil fuel economy. Communities of color are much more likely to live within three miles of fossil fuel power plants than whiter communities, regardless of income. This proximity exposes communities to toxic emissions linked to higher rates of cancer, asthma and other serious health risks. Yet despite the health benefits of transitioning from fossil fuels, there are economic impacts as well.

The reality is that, as we continue moving away from fossil fuels, more plants and mines will close, companies will shutter their doors and workers will lose their jobs. And that means the transition to completely renewable energy sources could disrupt the livelihoods of tens of thousands of workers – and their communities – many of whom are indigenous, people of color or low-income who will bear the economic brunt of this drastic, but necessary, transition.

We must ensure that affected workers and their communities have the chance to participate in the new and quickly growing green economy at the same or greater pay, that public and private investments are made to provide workforce training and relocation, that workers’ benefits and health care for their families are preserved and where big polluters are held responsible for cleaning up the land and water they contaminated.

Here at CREDO, we realize that if we want to combat the climate crisis there’s no other sustainable alternative – and we need to make sure everyone makes the transition together.

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