Support from CREDO Mobile helps the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum empower AAPI women and girls

The National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) builds the power, influence and autonomy of Asian American Pacific Islander women and girls to shape policy, influence cultural change and gain agency over every aspect of their lives.

Recently, CREDO Mobile customers and community members voting in our monthly donations election directed a significant grant to NAPAWF to support the valuable work that it does. Specifically, our grant assisted NAPAWF in launching its new website and in its recent effort to hire and train organizing staff in Georgia and Florida.

Our funding makes a difference for AAPI women

Other NAPAWF efforts in which CREDO Mobile support has played a role include:

  • Outreach to voters: NAPAWF engages AAPI women voters at the local level, within their communities, to develop their leadership skills and get them to a place where they’re equipped to actively participate in their communities and in policy campaigns so that they can hold government officials accountable and help move AAPI-related legislation forward.

NAPAWF tracks its one-on-one conversations and engagement points—such as when people speak or testify at an AAPI-related event or respond to a NAPAWF call to action—to learn how people are engaging with NAPAWF and to follow the evolution of that engagement process.

In its Florida chapter, NAPAWF holds an active membership of 60 members and assists them in their leadership journey. Many have stepped up to participate in an action or event with NAPAWF around healthcare access for immigrants and a number of them have testified in front of public leaders in support of healthcare protections and access.

  • AAPI Young Women’s Leadership Program: In New York City, NAPAWF launched the AAPI Young Women’s Leadership Program and chose 10 AAPI women between the ages of 19 and 26 for the program, which is focused on inspiring and empowering future leaders and organizers by providing leadership-training sessions, outreach, phone banking and canvassing, as well as opportunities to learn about reproductive justice and other NAPAWF campaigns.
  • Reproductive Justice Commission: In Chicago, NAPAWF continues its coalition-building and organizing work and recently created a community-led Reproductive Justice Commission. Through its coalition partnerships with eight AAPI-women-led organizations, NAPAWF continues to build both organizational and individual capacity to advance intersectional policies that create the structural change needed for AAPI communities to thrive.

NAPAWF has also facilitated spaces for peer support, coordinated training in the lobbying process and continues to coordinate training in media and communications and solidarity 101, as well as in executive leadership and board training and development.

CREDO Mobile members empower AAPI women around the U.S.

NAPAWF raises women’s voices in the media and other spaces where decisions that impact AAPI women’s lives are made. It continues to grow its base by reaching, activating and mobilizing AAPI women and girls through grassroots organizing, leadership training and development, and by creating AAPI women leaders from diverse ethnicities and regions of the U.S. NAPAWF increases public and community awareness of issues that impact AAPI women and works toward influencing systemic and culture shifts to propel its reproductive-justice movement forward.

NAPAWF does all of this with the assistance of CREDO Mobile customers and community members.

“Thank you for your support of our movement,” says Isra Pananon Weeks, NAPAWF’s interim executive director and chief of staff. “CREDO members make our work possible and CREDO grants support AAPI women in our community to take action for gender, racial and economic justice.”

AAPI women and girls in the U.S. face immense challenges. But NAPAWF is stronger with the backing of CREDO Mobile and the partnership of sisters from other immigrant, marginalized and underserved communities. Together, we’re gaining ground, making a difference and achieving our shared goals.

To learn more about the valuable work that NAPAWF does, go to