Survey Results: Which issues are most important to CREDO members?

CREDO members like you power our progressive movement — and your priorities help keep us working harder to make our world a better place.

That’s why, last month, we polled our members about which issues matter most to you to improve our philanthropy and donations program — which now totals over $94 million donated since 1985.

The response was incredible — thousands of you made your voices heard! — and here are the results.

We just want to begin by saying thank you so much to everyone who took a few minutes to fill out this important survey and left us with some very kind words. Here are a few of the wonderful notes we received:

“​​I love that CREDO is involved in donating to causes that make life better for us all.”

“Thank you for your work in making a better world!”

“You do excellent work. I’m very grateful for the help you give to worthy causes.”

“I think you are doing wonderful work. I wish more businesses had a greater social conscience like yours.”

Okay, now onto the results:

First, we asked our members about their political identity, and the results weren’t too surprising — we are the nation’s only progressive mobile company, after all — with more than 76% of respondents saying they are either “progressive” or “liberal,” while nearly 9% said “socialist” and a little more than 11% saying “moderate.” Less than one percent identify as conservative.

Next, we asked whether and how you are politically active. Nearly everyone responded that they took part in some sort of political activity, including signing petitions (84%), talking to loved ones about important issues (72%), volunteering (32%) and working to register voters (11%).

Now, to the big question of the survey: which issues are most important to CREDO members? We know it was incredibly hard to narrow down your picks to just three (all are so important!), but our members overwhelmingly chose climate justice, followed by voting rights, civil rights and women’s rights.

Next, we wanted to know what most concerns our members. Again, climate change and voting rights nearly tied as the top two answers, followed by gun violence and attacks on reproductive rights.

Finally, we wanted to know if you were aware that we donate to three progressive nonprofits every month, and if you have ever voted to help us distribute our funds among the groups. The answer was a resounding YES! 

Again, thank you to everyone who shared their feedback with us to help strengthen our donations program. And speaking of which, if you haven’t yet cast your ballot this month for one, two or all three amazing groups, head over to and vote today!