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We helped plant 11,110 trees. Thanks!

Here at CREDO, we’re always thinking of new ways we can make our planet a greener place. In June, we pledged to help plant 10 trees for each new phone we sold. Well, we’ve tallied the numbers and we’re pleased to tell you that there are now 11,110 more trees planted in the earth, thanks to CREDO members.

The trees were planted in partnership with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization that helps communities plant trees to restore life to degraded lands. Our June campaign focused on sub-Saharan Africa, where Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden Program helps African families plant fast-growing trees, fruit and nut trees, hardwoods and food crops together to transform overused and exhausted lands into forest gardens.

These gardens provide families with sustainable food sources, firewood, livestock feed, products to sell at market and a 400% increase in their annual income in only four years. They help people earn more money, grow more food and build a more sustainable future. They slow erosion, fix nitrogen in the soil, cool the land and boost biodiversity.

The trees that we—and you—helped plant are doing a lot of good. For that, we say thanks. Please stay tuned to learn about more CREDO campaigns for a greener planet in the months ahead. And if you’re not already a member, please consider joining us and the many other CREDO members who are making a difference every day.