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Watch: What Pride means to CREDO members

Love. Acceptance. Celebration and inclusivity. Basic human rights for everyone. Empowerment for people to feel safe and free to be themselves. “I am proud to be me.”

Those are some of the great responses — nearly 16,000 in total! — that we received when CREDO members took our Pride survey and participated in our #PrideInSixWords Twitter campaign last month.

Take a minute to watch this short and heartwarming “Virtual Pride Celebration” video highlighting some of the great submissions from members all across the country:

In our survey, we also asked our members an important question: “Compared to 4 years ago, do you feel your environment is more supportive of the LGBTQ community?”

Remarkably, after four years where the current administration and some lawmakers have worked to roll back rights and protections for LGBTQ people, a majority of respondents — 72 percent — who self-identified as a member of the LGBTQ community “somewhat” or “definitely” feel like their environment is more supportive today.

While that’s really great news, it also means 28 percent of respondents feel no change or that things have gotten worse. That’s why our fight for equality, along with our allies, will continue until all LGBTQ people, as our members told us, have “equal protection under the law” and when we “remove prejudice and discrimination,” “delete sexism, “end LGBTQphobia,” and “erase hate.”

And that’s why our members, who use our products and services every day, will continue to help us fund organizations fighting for LGBTQ rights, like the Transgender Law Center, the LGBTQ Task Force and the Trevor Project. In fact, our members have helped us donate over $14 million to groups fighting for equality and civil rights.

Even if you didn’t have the chance to make your voice heard in June, that’s okay! Feel free to tweet at us what Pride means to you, using the hashtag #PrideInSixWords — because here at CREDO, Pride isn’t just in June. We celebrate equality and LGBTQ rights all year long.