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Watch: CREDO’s story is powering progressive change

We have launched something special at CREDO Mobile. It’s a TV ad but it’s so much more than that too. It’s our story and yours

CREDO is all about empowering big and small acts of powerful, progressive change with a business model built to distribute a portion of our revenues to progressive causes and activism. 

At a time when more and more people are seeking to be socially-conscious consumers, and choosing brands that share their values, we want to ensure they know that they can put their money where their values are by switching to CREDO Mobile.

Personally and professionally, I’ve really enjoyed seeing brands large and small take more of a stand in the past few years. As we’ve done for more than three decades, cCorporations are expressing their values both as a way to connect with their audiences and followers and as a means to live their beliefs for their customers, employees and their brand. 

For example, following the Parkland gun massacre, Dicks Sporting Goods removed assault weapons from its shelves and raised the age to purchase firearms, and the company recently announced its best quarter in three years. Ben & Jerry’s has continued a tradition of special edition ice cream pints featuring social justice issues including its recent Justice ReMix’d flavor that highlights the work of Color of Change (a CREDO donations recipient and activism partner) and the Advancement Project on criminal justice reform. And Penzeys Spices has spent millions on ads about impeaching Trump and received some well-deserved attention.  

Likewise, our new ad highlights the people who take a stand every day, by marching, organizing, boycotting, resisting –- and choosing a CREDO Mobile phone. It features families getting ready to attend various rallies supporting progressive issues. Each uses their CREDO Mobile phone as they create signs calling for climate justice, women’s rights, economic justice, civil rights, voting rights and peace efforts. If you didn’t catch it on air, you can watch it here:

Please also share it with your friends and family. If you’re a CREDO Mobile member, thank you for making CREDO’s activism and donations possible. 

Don’t forget that CREDO Mobile customers get a $100 bill credit for referring a friend for each and every line added. Help your friends get off the Big Telecom providers while still getting service on the best network, the same high-quality phones and competitive pricing, all while powering progressive change. Really, why wouldn’t anyone switch? You can learn more here (and make sure your friend has your CREDO Mobile phone number to reference when signing up!)