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The Top 10 CREDO Tips of 2021

It’s December, so it’s that time of year to reflect on the last 12 months — and what better way than with a Top 10 List!

Throughout the year, we sent you helpful articles to learn more about your phone and ensure it’s running in tip-top shape, along with some tips on travel, shopping and enjoying the great outdoors.

So if you missed our wildly popular tips on stopping annoying robocalls and spam texts, extending your phone’s battery life, or how to securely store all your passwords, you’re in luck. 

We present to you the Top 10 CREDO Tips of 2021.

10) How to turn off annoying notifications on your smartphone

If you’re like us, your smartphone gets filled up with pop-up notifications daily. Many of them are not just annoying; they can be downright overwhelming, distracting and even bad for our mental health. Here are some quick tips to manage or stop those annoying notifications on your smartphone. [Read more]

9) How to unlock your phone with Face ID while wearing a mask

We all know that face masks are critical to help slow the spread of COVID-19, but it seems impossible to unlock our phones in public using facial recognition while wearing our masks. In this tip, we’ll show you how to unlock your iPhone or Android device while wearing a face mask using facial recognition or Face ID. [Read more]

8) How to magnify your smartphone’s screen to make reading easier

Do you ever have to squint to see the fine print on your smartphone? Fortunately, there are some useful solutions to help you to easily magnify your smartphone’s screen to make seeing it much easier. In this tip, we’ll show you how to access these features in your phone’s accessibility settings to avoid headaches and make your screen more readable. [Read more]

7) Here’s why you need to start using a password manager — and how you can get started

It’s tough to remember all our passwords, but if you’re not using unique and complex passwords on every site, you’re making it easy for hackers or criminals to compromise your sensitive information. A password manager can help. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started using a password manager to help secure your online accounts. [Read more]

6) 8 easy ways to extend your phone’s battery life

If your smartphone is a little older, you know what it’s like when your battery dies unexpectedly, but a draining battery is not usually your fault. Luckily, there are some easy ways to preserve and extend the battery life of your smartphone. Here are 8 tips to keep your phone running a little longer. [Read more]

5) How to quickly scan documents right from your mobile phone

Whether you’re applying for a new apartment or loan, or saving old recipes or receipts, at some point you’ve probably needed to scan a document or two. Here’s a quick tip on how to scan documents from your phone without the need for a scanner or all-in-one printer. [Read more]

4) How to store your vaccine record on your smartphone

If you’re like us, you got vaccinated. That’s great! But now what do you do with that awkwardly-sized piece of paper you might need to travel or enter a restaurant? Never fear: The safest and easiest way to save your vaccination record is storing it on your smartphone. Here’s how. [Read more]

3) How to stop annoying and dangerous spam text messages

The number of spam texts sent to phones across the country is skyrocketing. Scammers are on track to send a whopping 86 billion spam texts this year, with a projected financial loss of $101 million to consumers. With a little bit of preparation, savvy and trusting your instincts, you can do your part to stop these spam texts and protect yourself from scammers. [Read more]

2) How to Block Annoying Robocalls and Spam Calls on Your Phone

We hate robocalls, and we know you do too. In 2020 alone, the average American received more than 28 spams calls per month, a big increase over the year before. Here are some simple steps you can take to slow the onslaught of spam calls hitting you every day. [Read more]

1) How to keep your apps from draining your phone’s battery

It’s frustrating when the battery in your phone dies unexpectedly — but there are a number of ways to keep your phone’s power from draining too fast. In our most popular tip of the year, learn how to prevent your apps from draining your phone’s battery and keep your device running longer. [Read more]