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Poll results: How is President Biden doing so far?

Trump is gone, and Biden’s in. But how’s Joe been doing as President since Inauguration Day?

We recently polled our members on how they think Joe Biden has handled his first six months in office so far, along with other hot button issues of the day, like the pandemic, voting rights and climate change — and the results weren’t even close.

More than 10,000 people answered our poll questions — making it one of our most popular surveys ever! 

Check out our new blog post with all of the results to see how your responses matched up with other CREDO members.

First, we asked members the big question: Do you approve of President Biden’s job as president so far?

The results weren’t even close: More than 85% of respondents approve of Biden’s job performance, with nearly 65% strongly approving. Interestingly, the strongest job approval came from those who are age 50 and older and those who identify as “liberal” or “moderate.”

Next, we wanted to gauge whether or not President Biden’s job performance exceeded or fell short of their expectations. 

More than half of all respondents said that Biden has exceeded their expectations as President, with almost one-fifth saying it’s “much higher.”

When it comes to President Biden’s handling of the pandemic, nearly 90% of respondents approve, with over two-thirds who “strongly approve.” It is notable that this survey has been receiving responses since the highly transmissible Delta variant has taken hold in the United States and cases have risen across the country, suggesting that respondents continue to find his handling of the pandemic favorably.

Next, we asked whether our members agree with President Biden on the important issues facing our country. More than 85% of respondents agree with Biden on All or Many issues, with only around 7% disagreeing with almost all, and nearly half agreeing with “All, or nearly all.”

Finally, we wanted to know which single issue President Biden should spend more of his time working on. More than 42% of respondents believe Biden should focus more on “Voting rights and democracy” while another 28% want him to focus more on climate change, which was the most popular choice among young people.

Neither of these overwhelmingly popular choices are surprising: Republicans in state legislatures across the country are passing sweeping voter suppression laws that will only be fixed by bold reforms in Washington, which are currently stalled in Congress (and could use more pressure from the President). Likewise, the climate crisis is visibly getting worse by the day, and federal action, including by the executive branch, is critical to slowing this pending disaster.

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