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March for Our Lives: Download a poster and raise your voice

On Saturday, March 24, students from across the country will be leading the March for Our Lives. They, their families and their communities will take to the streets in Washington, D.C. and cities across the U.S. to demand gun control and directly challenge the NRA.

If you plan to join the march—or just want to show your support—we have protest posters available for download here.

Since the Parkland shooting, the NRA has been under relentless scrutiny. Corporate partners have been abandoning the NRA in droves. And people all over the country have been publicizing and criticizing the amount of money their representatives have taken from the NRA. The March for Our Lives will be a powerful chance to build on this momentum.

For years, CREDO members have taken action to stand up to the NRA and advocate for gun control. Since Parkland, more than 280,000 people have signed our petition telling Republicans that they have to offer more than thoughts and prayers in the face of our gun violence epidemic. And we’ll be joining the March for Our Lives to amplify those demands and continue to challenge the NRA.

We hope you’ll join us—and bring your poster. See you there!

Download Your Free Poster

Download Stop the NRA (PDF) – 11×17 in.

Download Our lives aren’t for sale (PDF) – 11×17 in.

Download Gun control now (PDF) – 11×17 in.

Download This is not okay (PDF) – 11×17 in.

Download This is killing us (PDF) – 11×17 in.

Download Not.One.More (PDF) – 11×17 in.

Download Demand Action (PDF) – 11×17 in.

Download Bullets are not school supplies (PDF) – 11×17 in.

Download Against Assault Weapons (PDF) – 11×17 in.

Download For Gun Control (PDF) – 11×17 in.

Download Another against the NRA (PDF) – 11×17 in.

Download Stop taking NRA $ (PDF) – 11×17 in.


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