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CREDO has a long record of fighting for our members’ privacy

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Here at CREDO, we take customer privacy very seriously. In fact, respecting our customers’ privacy rights is a core mission of our company, and we have a long history of fighting for it.

Unlike other carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, who sell their customers’ private data for profit – your data is not for sale at CREDO. No amount of money will ever change that.

That dedication to customer privacy is why we have consistently earned the highest rating on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s “Who has your back?” privacy report, which grades how technology companies protect customer data from government requests. In each year CREDO has been included in the report – 2017 2015, and 2014 – CREDO was the only mobile carrier to earn every star.

We were the first carrier to issue a transparency report in 2014, following Edward Snowden’s revelations that phone companies were handing over vast quantities of private data to the National Security Agency. We now issue quarterly transparency reports detailing requests by the government for customer data, because we believe there should be as much transparency as possible regarding government surveillance, and that our customers have the right to know when governmental entities request access to their information or communications.

Image with proof points on why CREDO Mobile is the only mobile carrier fighting for your privacyWe will fight the government in court to protect our customers’ privacy – and we have. When we received secret “National Security Letters” from the federal government to hand over customer data, we not only fought the requests in court on behalf of our customers, but we also challenged the gag orders to prevent us from notifying our customers or the public of the letters’ existence. We ultimately won the right to disclose the existence of three NSLs that the government fought for years to keep secret.

And through our activism and donations, we fight for civil liberties and privacy every day. Hundreds of thousands of CREDO activists have taken action to stop illegal surveillance and government intrusion, uphold free speech, and protect whistleblowers, online privacy and net neutrality. We’ve donated more than $3 million to groups fighting for civil liberties, like the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Free Press and Demand Progress.

We are proud of our work to protect civil liberties and stand up for our customers’ constitutional right to privacy and we will continue to fight any attempts to the contrary. It’s core to our mission to unapologetically fight for our customers’ rights. And if you’re interested in joining the wireless carrier fighting for your privacy, learn more about CREDO Mobile here.