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AT&T is making millions from Trump’s racist deportation agenda

Donald Trump is ramping up his attacks on immigrant communities more than he ever has before. His deportation regime is holding human beings in concentration camps, executing mass raids on immigrant families and communities, and forcing millions of people to live in fear every single day. 

And corporate America is cashing in. Well-known consumer brands like Comcast and Microsoft are profiting from lucrative contracts with Customs and Border Protection, the agency dehumanizing immigrants, jailing children in cages without basic needs and tearing families apart.

In fact, telecommunications giant AT&T made more than $1.8 million from CBP’s fascist deportation agenda, including $1.3 million since Donald Trump took office, according to data from the Federal Data Procurement System and Data compiled and analyzed by Alex Kotch at Sludge.

The many services AT&T has provided CPB since 2014 includes hundreds of thousands of dollars in telecommunications network management, computer equipment and software, internet and IT services and support, and wireless communications – all supporting the agency conducting attacks on immigrant communities.

Here at CREDO, we are appalled by AT&T’s complicity as a profiteer in Trump’s racist agenda – but we’re not surprised. AT&T has a long history of cozying up to Trump and right-wing politicians to line its corporate pockets:

At CREDO, we will never align ourselves with Trump and right-wing politicians or compromise our progressive values for profit. In fact, we are actively mobilizing our members to fight back against Trump’s racist immigration policy. And through our members who use our mobile phone and energy services, we have donated millions to progressive civil rights groups, like the ACLU, Detention Watch Network and Cosecha, who are fighting for immigrant rights.

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