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6 progressive podcasts to subscribe to right now

We’re living in the golden age of podcasts. According to industry data, there are more than 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 million available episodes on a wide range of topics that include history, pop culture and current events. 

There’s a podcast for virtually everyone, and here at CREDO, we’re fond of podcasters who are lifting up our movement, reporting on the progressive issues that the mainstream media ignores and highlighting frontline activism against Trump’s hateful agenda.

Whether you’re on the bus or subway, traveling in your car, or enjoying your favorite show on your phone or smart speaker at home, there’s a podcast for you. Here are six that we recommend.

Think 100%

When your tagline is the “Coolest Show on Climate Change,” you better deliver, and Think 100% sure does. Co-hosted by Antonique Smith, a Grammy nominated singer and actress, and President and CEO of Hip Hop Caucus Rev Lennox Yearwood, Jr.,, Think 100%’s award-winning podcast brings together musicians, celebrities, government officials, activists and experts to discuss environmental justice, climate change and clean energy while dispelling the myth that people of color aren’t engaged in the environmental movement. Season 2 recently launched, so catch up on all the episodes here.

Brave New Words

With Brave New Words, Anat Shenker-Osorio takes listeners on a journey around the globe as she unpacks real-world narrative shifts that led to real-world victories. From electing the dynamic Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern to repealing a national ban on abortion in Ireland to beating back right-wing race baiting in Minnesota, Shenker-Osorio and her guests explore what made it possible to engage the base, persuade the middle, send the naysayers packing and win! Learn more and subscribe here.

Mothers of Invention 

Hosted by Ireland’s first female president Mary Robinson and comedian Maeve Higgins, Mothers of Invention tackles climate justice issues from a feminist perspective. Women will bear the brunt of the climate crisis, so Pres. Robinson, Higgins and their guests – the “mothers” who are driving innovation, activists fighting for climate justice, and policy makers and experts working to save the planet – discuss solutions to climate change.

As its tagline makes clear, “Climate change is a man-made problem – with a feminist solution!” You can find all the episodes here.

Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam Seder is a progressive comedian, writer, film director and actor whose podcast provides informed, thoughtful political analysis with a healthy dose of scathing humor and features insightful interviews with guests ranging from politicians to musicians. 

Daily episodes are free but with a small monthly membership, you get access to all bonus content and can listen to the program five days a week in all formats commercial free. Find it here.

Code Switch

Named for “code switching,” the practice of switching between languages or forms of speech within a single conversation, Code Switch is comprised of seven NPR journalists of color exploring race, ethnicity and culture and how identities are shifting in a demographically changing world. 

“Unflinchingly honest and empathetic,” the podcast is funny and at times refreshingly uncomfortable as the team tackles themes ranging from inequality in the education system, systemic racism, history and pop culture. You can find current episodes here.

Kagro in the Morning 

If you’re looking for podcast to go with your morning coffee, Kagro in the Morning from Daily Kos Contributing Editor David Waldman could be the one for you. 

Daily Kos, one of the premier progressive online communities, is a close CREDO ally in the fight against the Trump administration and for our progressive values. Waldman’s episodes cover news of the day and progressive politics with insight, dry wit and sardonic humor. Start your day with the news, politics and commentary from our progressive friends here.